Xperia 3.9

Arellia stared up at Alasdair in the ceremonial garb, looking handsome, with his bruised and cut up face. It made her wince thinking about it. While the remaining council members watched, and a high priest read out the ritual rights for the guardianship he leaned in towards her.
“Stop wincing, it’s not that bad”, he whispered keeping his voice quiet enough for no one else to hear.
“shush”, she snapped, her eyes glanced to the priest who was none the wiser, then added, “Have you looked at yourself?”.
Alasdair smiled but said nothing else because the priest was stepping towards them. He was a thin older man, as straight as the pillars that supported the room. His robes as extravagant as Arellia’s dress rustled around his feet.
“Are you ready your majesty?”, his voice was low, and wobbled a little. Arellia had tried to retire him but he want to perform her guardian ritual first. She had allowed it, but the poor man deserved his rest.
“Yes”, she bowed her head. Her eyes closed. And whispers fell from her tongue.
“Wait, ready for what?”, Alasdair sounded a little confused. “It’s not done?”.
“No, you must receive judgement from all of the previous guardians, then if they find you worthy will train you, physically, and mentally”, the priest replied. Arellia’s whispers took on a life of their own, more voices added to her voice.