Poetry 1.6

Never get anywhere

Take a breath,
Sit down, elbows on the table, face in hands.
Take a breath
Let everything stop for that blissful second
Think of the list of things to do
Think of the goals set by the self to do
Calculate what’s going to get done.
Not the goals and the dreams.
That can wait a day. This will take you five minutes.
No it takes hours.
Time slips by.
Petty things that won’t make a difference.
Get added to the list as others can’t do it.
The no can’t stain the lips.
Not a single word will help in this moment.
Heart beats a thousand beats in one second.
Stomach twists from sickness.
No one notices.
Take a breath…
Take a deep breath…
Let it sigh… Slide out from chair… And repeat.