Xperia 3.8

The boy looked conflicted. His body erupted into quivers of uncertainty. The general snapped at him, and Arellia pressed the knife harder into the flesh of his neck. The blood was the boy’s proof that she wasn’t bluffing, she could see the registration in his eyes. He turned on his heels, shouted at the rest of the group to stop the maids and released Alasdair from his cage.
“You will regret your choice princess”, the general grunted.
“The only choice I regret is allowing you to be my general, now get out!”, she snapped pushing him away from her to his knees. The army grunts scurried off with their general.
Charles warily stepped forward, his head bowed. Arellia couldn’t think of the best thing to do next, her body was drained from constantly being on edge and then attacked.
“You did this”, she hissed at him, her patience for him had grown thin. He opened his mouth to speak but she silenced him. “Since this guardian selection, you have over stepped your boundaries, ambushing the guardian I selected, questioning every decision I make, and I’ve had enough”, Arellia paused her mind still making up what would punish him best. “You are dismissed”, it was the least painful out of all the options she could have taken.
“You can’t, the council-…”, he protested. If looks could kill Arellia would have slit his throat, her glare stopped him mid-sentence.
“You so much as mention the council again and I’ll have your head, I rule this city not you, and I will be dying for it, now get out, I’ve had enough, the ceremony will commence without you”, her anger flared through her nostrils. Charles stared at her dumbfounded for a moment before bowing his head and leaving. Arellia felt like the room was lifted of a heavy weight. All the maids gave her a small smile like they were relieved. Alasdair all bruised and cut up looked a little disapointed. She couldn’t tell if it was in her, or himself.