Xperia 3.7

“This city needs strength, authority, a guardian who knows how to lead!”, the general grimaced.
“What makes you think I haven’t picked that?”, Arellia felt herself allow her anger to slip. She reigned herself back in and focused on keeping control of the situation.
“My son is better suited, this city will never accept a runt from outside”, he barked.
“He is part of this city, and he passed the trials just the same as your son, stop the ceremony and get out of my Palace there will be consequences for your betrayal”, Arellia said. Her eyes glanced up to the young soldier standing in front of them. “Stop this now, release Alasdair or I will kill him”, she threatened. The boy looked between her and his general.
“She won’t”, the general butt in.
“Don’t test me”.