Poetry 1.4

Sly calculations

Watch out, two face is coming
Smiles and perfect innocence on one mask
Sly and manipulative on the other
The true victim is the one who never sees it
All hold raise their hands to the truth
Call out the wicked sly calculations
But you as boss never sees it
Complaint and complain submitted
Still you never speak out of it
Tolerance is only limited, when all other eyes can see it.
Watch out, two face is coming
Are you alone yet? Are they even aware of it?
Do you see it?
If you don’t then you know,
You don’t see it, because…
Truth in the wickedness – two face doesn’t want you to see the second mask.
Hidden behind an authoritive figure ready to stake all on that one mask held blindly in the victims face.
Are you alone? No, but you will be.
Two face wants to be your only option.