Xperia 3.6

Arellia found them in the ceremonial Hall. Cara screaming and clawing at the general of the armed forces section of the city. He had her in a tight grip, grimacing as each scratch drew blood.
Alasdair was in a cage his face bloodied and bruised, with Charles standing beside it looking almost zombified.
The other maids had an army grunt at their backs while they prepped someone for the guardians ceremony.
No one had noticed her enter. Slipping off her shoes she rushed in bare feet and circled around until she was at the generals back. With her hidden blade she held it to his throat.
“Release the girl quietly, or I’ll slice your throat and find a new general”, she hissed in his ear.
“Sir!”, one of his boys had noticed Cara had stopped screaming. He jumped away from his original spot, and lifted his sword to fight.
“No! This is the princess, put that down!”, he barked then grunted as she tightened her grip on his throat. Blood lined the flesh her knife sat.
“What do you think you’re doing?”, she pressed. “I said drop her”, she said. He did reluctantly and Cara sprang away to Charles.