Home remedies to keep the vets away – dog sniffles.

Fixing doggy sniffles. – aromatherapy.

Well I’d say it worked, Bandit is sniffly free. Or well his nose is no longer rattling when he sleeps. I’d like to put it down to the aromatherapy, though it could have just been time.

Since I can’t afford to go the vets right now, and the pdsa won’t even look at me because I’m not on any benefits system, I’m just a student. I have to be a little creative with my poochies care. So, I bought these oils.

All of these oils do certain things, and in some the same thing, but they all interlink to help each other. Since the cheapest way was to buy them in a pack of six I thought maybe I wasn’t going to use all of them. But I thought it a waste and did anyway.

Of course, everyone is supposed to consult a vet before doing these things, and I would but money is an issue. And since it’s £25 just to see a vet nevermind a diagnosis and medication. £11 something for some oils just to help my dog breathe at night doesn’t sound all that bad.
There was however, the fact that dogs have a beautiful trait of super sensitive smell. So anything too strong could hurt Bandit’s senses I needed to make sure I didn’t just stick each oil under his nose.
To help with this I filled the kettle and left it to boil, got a bucket and poured the boiling water into the bucket. I filled the kettle again and let it boil while I added the oils to the water. Literally three drops of each. I was going for one but it comes out so fast that three came out. So, I consistently did three drops of each one into the water, then added more boiling water to it.
I was hoping that was diluted enough to keep from hurting anything. He didn’t struggle or try to run away from me like he does whenever I need olbas oil for myself.
I stood him up so that his face was directly over the bucket and covered his head with a towel.
Held him there for five minutes.
And for the first couple of days it sounds very rattly in his nostrils but after a couple of days it began to clear up.

I gave Luna the opportunity to sniff it, thought she didn’t seem all that interested. A nice bonus is that the rest of the house smells lovely afterwards.


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