Home remedies to keep the vets away. – sensitive stomachs.

I would like to introduce my babies.



They are both huskies. They have been with me since they were eight weeks old. They’re both six years old.
I got Bandit first. This beautiful bow legged puppy with a parti-eye, and extra dew claws on his back legs.
It was suspected that he had not been properly looked after by the people who had sold him to me. I know, and I knew before I bought him that every piece of information that you read on buying a puppy tells you, very specifically, “Health checks of both parents, make sure you see them, etc”. But… I was just so excited! He is my first husky!
So I brought him home in a little box. He was so curious about everything. He still is now. Now, I will be criticised by nearly every parent about this but I imagine the same happens to them. Or at least some of them.
Once we got home I took him out the box popped him on the floor to let him explore and the first thought that crossed my mind was ‘What do I do now?’.
I finally had my puppy, he was beautiful, flaws and all. But I had never had a puppy of my own. I mean we had a family dog, and she was gorgeous, but I had never had one myself… Luckily he didn’t leave me too long to ponder this as halfway into the kitchen he squatted. Brown liquid squirted from his butt.
There was a moment of disbelief, then a moment of ‘oh my god’ then lots of cleaning.

That was Bandit day one.

Luna’s first day was a little more hectic. Introducing a new puppy into a home while looking after a friends dog and your own original puppy basically threw my whole system into a frenzy.
From what I remember of that day, Luna spent a long time under the table while Bandit kept bothering her. And simba kept playing with bandit.
I just know by the time the day was over everyone was in the house was shattered. I applaud all of you beautiful people who Foster and adopt dogs from rescues. As some can take longer to adjust to their new surroundings than puppies.

I know typically… In every pack you have a smart and a daft one… No. Both of my babies are very clever, luns can manipulate anyone for food. And Bandit genuinely knows what I’m saying… What I have is two very opposite ends of the food spectrum. Luna is the glutton, Bandit is the self regulator.

Oh the fights. Luna might have stepped too close to his food and its the only time he nips her. Yes, my boy may be a self regulator but he is a food aggressor… Damn lol
Actually honestly he isn’t as bad anymore he used to be very sensitive. But I managed to work through that now there is a balance which is keeping the peace.
Returning back to the fights – Luna will always win. Bandit is soft and never really hurts her, whereas she will take chunks out of him. He’s had scabby ears, missing skin on the top of his nose. She’s also the one that gets away with deciding when to play, she’ll do it outside even when he doesn’t want to (he just lets her), but Bandit dare try to get her to play inside and the angry hamster comes out.

Yes Luna looks like an angry hamster when she shows her teeth lol I’ll take a picture some time.

Bandit is, what I call, my vet puppy. They both have sensitive stomachs, but he had stiff hips, bad teeth, reverse sneeze fits, and I think has a bad case of the sniffles.

I was working, I got myself a full time job on minimum wage do I could look after them. I also had pet insurance which in the end grew so expensive (I hadn’t claimed anything from them) that I couldn’t keep it up anymore even with the job. So… I am pet insuranceless.
Yes the horror now before you all judge I’d like to say I chose to feed them rather than pay for a company I may not have to use…
And for the first two years of both of their lives I was making regular trips to the vets. They have an upset stomach, hot fiery liquid, help. £25 just to see the vet, nevermind if they find a need of an excuse to jab them with anything, and she did every time. “just feed them plain boiled chicken and rice which should settle their stomachs, then we have a few sensitive stomach dog foods for you to pick”. To say that I tried every brand of dry dog food you can think off and nothing worked. Plus Bandit just wouldn’t eat it, I thought he was going to starve his stomach was grumbling at me every night until I literally sat with him and wouldn’t let him move until he ate it.
As you can imagine that wasn’t the best method… It made mine and his time pretty crappy more so for him as he had no idea what was going on. And that plain boiled chicken and rice, he literally picked out the rice to eat the chicken. So, wasn’t helpful. Luna ate anything, and everything. Even if she’s not supposed to!
In the end I gave up spending all my money on useless vet trips that just didn’t help me. I took advice from a husky walking group, I’d like to return to but my job kind of kills the opportunity, that told me to take them to a raw dog food shop in wallasey.
Best advice I have ever received. This shop is called the dogs diner, it is now in Moreton and the best thing to ever happen to dogs.
I took the train, Bandit and Luna in tow, (this was when their shop was smaller, it’s bigger now, please try it). It’s in the wirral so for me it’s two trains on the way there.
I went the wrong way at first, I started walking in the opposite direction, whoops, once I realised that Google maps said I was facing the wrong way, I finally found it.
When I stepped in, I was nervous. They were serving another customer at the time so I just had a little look around. There were all kinds of things, I don’t even think I could label them now.
The owner of the business, Ann Ridyard (lovely woman), asked me if I was alright. My response – “I have no idea what I’m doing, I was recommended here, and don’t know where to begin”.
She sorted me out, she weighed both dogs and wrote exactly how much I needed to feed them, and then packed me two boxes. The meat isn’t even expensive.
If I paid for literally just the meat for their meals it’d be less than £20 every two weeks. Yes, you can’t even spend that little on dry dog food!

The first week started with raw chicken. And then other raw meats were added weekly. But to be honest I saw a change in them within the first couple of days.

The two of them have benefitted so much. No more hot fiery liquid. Solid and none smelly poops. Finally.
And that is how the sensitive stomachs were fixed.

I have also become friends with the lovely family that own and run the business.

I’m going to start working on home remedies for dogs to help improve the health of my dogs, and you can all be a part of that journey.

Next time – fixing doggy sniffles.