Poetry 1.1

Catching trains

On the platform
Aching feet adds to the heavy tiredness,
Lifelessly waiting for that carriage to home
Apologies for the delays
Don’t hear the announcement
Focus on staying standing
Home soon home soon
Lists of apprehensions waiting at the doors
Is home, home?
A place to sleep, eat, counts as home?
Then why sit outside in a car
Finding more and more excuses not to go in
Reach out to the one that listens
That knows the waiting habits,
Apologies for the trains been cancelled
Hear the announcement
Rage Floods reason verbal rants where no one else can hear
Body craves home a moment to stop
But where this train will travel is not home
But a box, a box of more work
Mental check emotional overload
I want to go home
But not that home, another home,
That place to escape to when that home is too much
The train on the other side is coming
Could make it, running would be the only way
Feet protest and legs feel the wobble
I want to go home
Catch that train