Short story 0.1

This story did not go the way I had originally intended. But I’ll see what you all think of it. I may edit it later on but for now I think I’m alright with it. I may even give it a different end.

Enjoy it, and if you give me an answer at the bottom I may post the outcomes depending on what is picked.

It was her first day off from work. She hadn’t told her husband. A nice surprise for him she thought. She had strategically placed herself in the living room on the comfy bench under the window.
She had a book on her lap, and her eyes down cast as if she was reading. Her back poised straight and aching. While her eyes glazed over the words on the page, her mind wondered to the beautiful world in which her husband would return to see her as the perfect wife.
A deep laugh catches her ears attention. It rung through her like a warm summer day. Her lips spread to a smile and her heart beat a little faster. She straightened her back ready to receive him. Keeping her eyes trained on the book even though she wasn’t reading it. Images of what they might do together now that they had the day together.
His laugh danced over her skin again. He was laughing a lot. This was OK she loved his laugh every time she heard him. A murmur of doubt whispered at the back of her mind. But she pushed it back. Her teeth nibbling her bottom lip.
He laughed again, harder this time like he had never laughed with her before. Her brows furrowed together. What was he laughing at? She gasped and scolded herself. She didn’t want a crease to develop between her brows. She closed her eyes and relaxed her face. Perfection.
But his laugh crawled down her spine leaving her cold. Her eyes slid round the bottom brim of her lids to their corners. Did she dare check over her shoulder? She was about to glance when a light bell of a laugh filtered out from underneath the deep one.
Who was that!? She gasped and shivered. She snapped her neck around and her gaze landed on her husband reaching the front door. Her view of the other laughter blocked by the window frame.
The front door opened and the laughter was muffled by a moan. A thump against a wall made her flinch. Her stomach twisted and her heart panicked. Should she hide? Maybe, but her muscles weren’t responding. Her mental commands lost amongst all the chaotic thought trauma.
A popping partnered with a patter of what sounds similar to pins falling to the floor. The jingle of a belt being undone. She mentally cursed herself. What was she doing? She knew exactly what she was hearing. The sighs and moaning with the rhythmic thumping against the wall made it plain to her.
Clothes were thrown into the room in front of her, and the two of them fell in a bundle of legs and arms onto the floor in front of her. Her eyes widened but nothing else could find the power to move.
They just kept having sex right in front of her. Totally oblivious of her presence in the house.
The girl tangled in her husband was beautiful. Her hair fell around her in soft light curls. Her complexion caramel from sun, sunbed, or false tan. She couldn’t tell from where she was, though, the girl had no tan lines to speak of.
There was a moment she thought to move. When she lifted from her spot in front of the window she forgot the book that lay on her lap. It crashed to the floor on its spine. the pages fluttering open to rest where the spine had broken.
The two of them jolted to a stop. They slowly turned their heads to stare directly at her. The girl gasped and scrambled out from under her husbands naked body. While he just knelt there his eyes stunned.
“What are you doing here?”, he asked her. How should she respond? Her body had not recovered from its earlier trauma. She didn’t answer. She couldn’t instead she did what she should have done before. She left the room.
They didn’t speak for days. She stayed in their bedroom at night, then returned to work.
There was that awkward moment when she realised that he may make her reface that moment. She stood outside of her front door. Closed her eyes and listened to the world that swirled around her.
After a minute she opened her eyes with a sigh. Two identical versions of herself faced her.
One turned to the house to face the elephant in the room. While the other stared her down. She blinked and the other hers disappeared. Her breathing became short and abrupt like her lungs were being squeezed. Tears filled her eyes. What should she do?
She saw him come to the window, but not how she had expected. He was full body pressed against the glass, snogging a different girl from the last time she caught him.
Was he serious? With the wound so fresh? What did this mean?
Her hand recoiled from the door and the other her, the one that stared her down, stood between her and the door. Her mouth moved but no sounds emerged. She frowned at her second image.
“What?”, she asked.
Still no voice came out. She could see from the front step that the snogging had evolved. Their bodies stripping each other of clothing. Without realising it her body took a step back from the front door. The second image tried to speak again, a smile stretched her lips, and there was nothing louder than a murmur.
“Don’t forgive him, what would it say about you if you stay?”, her second self said.
What would people say? Her mind riddled the possibilities. But then again, what would people say if she left? Which outcome could she stand the thought of best? How could he put her in this situation?
They were both in full swing of the act now. Bodies shiny with sweat. His naked butt cheeks squeezing and relaxing in quick, rhythmic thrusts.
She took another step away from the front door. The pure embarrassment of the act. She wasn’t even good enough for him to stay faithful…
“Don’t blame yourself, he did this not you”, the second self said. Was she right? But…
She bit her lip, and closed her eyes. This was just a hallucination… Just a hallucination…
A hand touched her shoulder, making her jump and squeak. The mystery hand was attached to a nice looking man in a suit that she didn’t recognise. Although she could assume he was from her husbands office.
“Who are you?”, was the first question that popped out of her breathless mouth. His deep brown eyes were soft when they looked at her, but they snap glanced at the front window and they hardened.
“I’m his boss”, he tilted his head towards the window. She felt the humiliation of her current situation heating her cheeks.
“How can I help you today?”, her words were so formal. She inwardly scolded herself for sounding like a receptionist. To her husband…
“I came to see him, but I think I’ve changed my mind”, his eyes softened again, and he held out a large hand out to her. “How about you come spend the rest of the day with me?”.
“Is that appropriate?”, she felt foolish once the words escaped her but she stuck to her guns. She wouldn’t become her husband. “I am married”.
Rather than laugh at her, like she had bit her lip and braced for, he lightly smiled at her. His hand remained held out waiting for her.
“I understand which is why we would only go shopping, and maybe grab some food what do you think?”, he suggested. A moan escaped the barrier of the house which made her wince. “Times up, you’re coming with me I’m not giving you a choice now”, his hand reached for hers and pulled her away from the house.
She could have resisted. His hand held hers lightly like she was a delicate doll that might crack under any pressure. But she just didn’t want to.
He took her to any shop that her eyes wondered to. Then bought her at least one item from every shop. When the day grew dark he guided her towards a restaurant that her husband wouldn’t even sniff at as he passed, nevermind walk in.
They had an amazing time. Something she hadn’t felt in a long time fluttered in her chest until tears streamed down her face. He comforted her, and then he took her to his home. They didn’t sleep together, he let her have the bed and he stayed on the couch.
It was the next morning, she felt odd. She checked her phone, her husband hadn’t called. Actually, his boss left her a message telling her that he had gone to work and that she could relax for as long as she needed. He had already phoned her work.
She wasn’t sure why she did it, but she sat down with a book and waited for him to finish work. She was out on the balcony letting the fresh air cleanse her lungs while she enjoyed the escape of the fake world. When her husbands boss returned he seemed struck by her presence.
“I’m sorry, was I not supposed to stay this long…”, she stammered dropping her book as she stood. He stepped towards and bent to retrieve the book. As he stood she noticed how much taller than her she was. They both stood staring into each other, growing breathless even though they had done nothing yet.
“No, don’t apologise, just promise you’ll stay”, it was more of a demand than a request. Her heart fluttered. She bit her lip and two of herself were stood on his shoulders.
The right shoulder spoke first, “What are you doing!? You’re married!”.
The left shoulder argued, “And? You deserve better than that, and he is better”.
“No, don’t, you can work this out make him stop, you probably just did something to make him feel lonely”, the right panicked.
“Would you stop? All you did was work? You know, help keep the roof over his head? Why not leave him and go for the guy who clearly thinks you’re beautiful even though you have just got out of bed no shower, no brushed her?”, the left didn’t sound angry just frustrated. As if the answer was obvious.
“Better the devil you know, you don’t know him”, the right just grew more anxious. She nervously laughed her words out.
“That definitely does not apply here, why stick around for a guy who has never treated you like that ever, and yet this man treated you like a queen, isn’t it worth taking the risk?”, the left sighed.

Know your worth (Not just girls, but guys as well) learn to know when you’re worth more. Take a chance, you’re not living if you don’t make mistakes from time to time.
What do you think? Would you listen to the right? Or the left?