Poetry 1.0

I’ve been distracted lately by life. But here is something I was working on.

Twisted system

I see a time when I was young
When care was only given to toys and games,
Most important thing was friends family.
Those times are gone.
No blissful ignorance only worry and money
Care is given to menial tasks to make ends meet.
Most important is still family, friends but a new relative of a greedy connection has joined the table. Bills. They visit regularly like clockwork. Intensify their grip to introduce a friend called debt.
Sensation of trapped has a new meaning.
The fancy to do what you want replaced by the demanded need to do what is desperately necessary.
Wasted hours days weeks months years.
Plans to make wanted tasks achievable between unwanted tasks smothered by tiredness.
Draining energy to become more machine of habit than an animal of life.
Passion, dreams fade behind dead eyes of a worn out worker.
Eat (maybe if there’s time) sleep, work.