Xperia 3.2

The heat in UK is a problem. For me. My face is irritated sensitive and sore from heat rash so I’m not going outside until it goes away… Or I have to go to my job.

Anyway I did another part of this story. Again its just on the spot writing on my phone. I don’t know what is going to happen.


“Don’t mock me”, Arellia snapped. She spun on her heels to stride away with a straight back. But Alasdair grabbed her by the elbow.
“I’m serious, please I can help you with this”, he pleaded. She didn’t turn to face him.
“Why? I don’t understand why you would do that, to add to that you realise your duty as a guardian would be to-…”.
“I would never force myself onto you”, he interrupted her. His words sounded like they should have been comforting. Somewhere deep down she thought there was a flutter of hope. But she refused to allow herself such a luxury.
“How could I possibly know that? Are you not forcing yourself onto me now?”, her voice was colder than she originally intended. Should she apologise? She was about to turn until she felt him release her arm. “I’ll be fine, go and enjoy your life, forget about me”, she softened her voice. It was not her intention to wound his feelings, but she couldn’t face fate with him as one of her judges. When he said nothing she straightened her back and walked away. Her dress and heels helped the elegance of her walk hide the shame she felt.
Arellia spent the rest of the week catching up on affairs across the city. Her focus was to assure that all lived comfortably. She snuck out on a regular basis in a disguise to see first hand what was needed and to make sure her plans were working. On the last day that she was allowed to select a guardian candidate, Charles approached her.
“Please don’t sneak out, this is your last chance to select a guardian… I would much rather not force this upon you”, he sounded defeated. Everyone in the Palace who knew her had ran out of comforting things to say, then stopped speaking entirely. Instead they would just look at her as if she was a beloved pet that was about to die. Charles was the only one left speaking to her.
“I still have other duties to attend to before I…”.
“Stop surrendering to fate!”, Charles snapped. His voice raised loud enough the whole city probably heard him.
“You think I haven’t fought this!?”, Arellia felt herself wince at his loudness and automatically retaliated.
“No! I don’t, the whole Palace can see it! You’ve reserved yourself to your death!”, he threw back at her. Everyone had been so careful not to mention her future directly. It stung worse than she thought it would. “Get your most elegant outfit on, and choose a guardian, NOW”, he uttered the last word like Arellia wouldn’t understand it. He stormed out of the library and screamed at Cara to get her ready.
Which she did in minutes Arellia was leaving her room following the young maid to the courtyard. Her body decorated in the most beautiful royal blue silk and satin laced dress Arellia had ever seen. It reached the floor and dragged behind her with a drape of material that hung and parted from the centre of her chest, over her arms and reattached at the back where it glided down to the floor adding to her dress tail.
Her heels to match clicked against the floor. They seemed louder than normal but Arellia knew it was because not one person spoke as they passed her. It was like she had forbade any social interaction, even though she hadn’t.
They arrived at the courtyard, the candidates waiting with their heads bowed. One caught her eye at the end, a sneaking suspicion.
“OK Charles, I’m ready, please proceed”, Arellia watched Alasdair lift his head with the other candidates and begin the trials.