Blind date with a book 1

I saw a friend on her Instagram try out something called blind date with a book.

It’s meant to be a project “Don’t judge a book by its cover” kind of thing. I foolishly don’t know much about it. But I liked the idea of a surprise book. So, I tested it out and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

The vintage girl by Hester Browne

First thing I’m going to say is… I literally all out squealed while reading this book. In a good way.

This is a romance book, about a girl who daydreams romance until she realises the real thing is stood in front of her, but there are little obstacles in the way.

If you’re into war raging adventures and super hero sacrifices, then this probably won’t be for you. As nothing actually really happens apart from development of feelings and secrets revealed. That sort of thing. But if you’re into your romances… People pick this book up!

I know I wouldn’t have picked it up in a normal store. Which I am starting to realise is a terrible shame. It was beautifully written, and the story progressed quite nicely. The pace wasn’t heart wrenchingly slow, but the romance wasn’t so instant that you turn back a couple of pages in case you missed it.

When I first started reading it, I was sceptical, my average book I pick up is fantasy (the world is at war aaaahh!) magic, and sword fighting. So, I was unsure if I’d enjoy it. The first thing I thought was “She’s very naivë about the artifacts she collected”, but I carried on. She soon grew on me, as we all have things we day dream about, so what was the harm? It is later revealed why she feels the need to romanticise so much, and you also start to notice the closeness developing between the two main characters.

Well when that moment came when he freely gave her hints to his feelings that he probably was unsure of himself, at the time, made me physically squeal in delight and shake the book in the air. Luckily I was alone, when I reached this moment. I don’t think I could have held it in even if I wanted to.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I look forward to the next one.

Five out of five stars.

2 thoughts on “Blind date with a book 1

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