Xperia 3.0

“Moyra! Moyra!”, Alasdair shook the girl in his arms. Her eyes were still rolled back and her mouth slacked open. Charles edged out of the darkness with his soldiers.
“We have to be quick”, Arellia pointed at the girl. “I want someone to collect the children and bring them into the city, and we need to take her to see the Palace surgeon”, she ordered. When they looked at her dumbfounded Arellia lost her patience and clapped her hands at them. “Now!”.
They got to work quick, in their panic they rushed through the forest gathering all the children with Alasdair as the guide. Arellia waited beside the wall with Charles and Moyra. The girl was still slumped and bleeding from her hands, feet, and scalp. All her hair was gone. Arellia couldn’t help but feel partially guilty for what happened to her.
“They’re here”, Charles sighed the tension from his shoulders and turned to open the wall. On the other side were soldiers waiting to receive them they all saluted their queen. Laura burst into the small box room, her face drenched in tears, her old body slammed into Arellia as they hugged.
“Those men will pay for this”, she gritted out. Even in her age Laura was anything but soft. Arellia shivered at the thought.
“Don’t worry now, I’m fine”, Arellia turned to Charles. “See to it that they’re comfortable”.
“Yes your majesty”, Charles bowed.
She was returned to the Palace. Arellia was washed, and dressed in another fine gown that hugged her body to her hips then hung loosely around her legs. It draped to floor. And there were slices up the skirt revealing her legs. Her normal had returned though the dread from that machine made her consider her chances in the forest. Cara asked if she needed anything but Arellia declined. Instead she returned to her window, gazing out over the city. Although this time her eyes swept over the forest beyond the wall. There was no more fighting. Just that thing. It had no attacked her. Instead it brushed against her cheek. She touched a couple of fingers to the spot she remembered feeling the sharp chill. It was almost protective.