Xperia 2.9

Arellia and Alasdair ran towards the screams. She wasn’t sure what her heart sped up for, the nightmare of what she might find? Or the run…?
When they reached the spot the girl was in the air, thrashing at the shadow. Her screams ripping from her throat were pure terror. The beautiful girls features widened, and her eyes rolled back so only the whites can be seen.
“Wait! Stop!”, Arellia cried to the shadow. It had protected her, maybe it would listen as well. She heard Alasdair curse and jump for a tree. As he ascended Arellia continued to speak to it. The shadow began to slowly eat away at the girls flesh around her toes, fingers, and hair. “Please! Release her!”, Arellia tried again but the shadow wasn’t changing. “She’s not dangerous!”, Arellia screeched. Alasdair at that moment dived from one of the trees close by and snatched the girl from the shadows binds. It gave a high-pitched scream in protest. Sparks prickled the air around it where the girl had been.
Alasdair landed hard against the floor, the girl cradled and bleeding above him. Before he could recover from the jump the shadow swirled and darted towards him. Arellia did the only thing she could think of next. She blocked the shadow from its target. It paused an inch away from her. “Stop, they mean you no harm”, Arellia murmured. She prayed that she sounded calmer than her heart was feeling. Sweat ran cold down her back. It took a large portion of concentration not to shiver. The shadow hissed, brushed against Arellia’s cheek. The cold sliced through her flesh before the shadow backed away. Fading into the darkness.