Book 1 of May

Asheal Rising by Shona Kinsella

* Opinion *

I bought this book as a passing fancy. I had just received a gift card from a group of amazing friends for Waterstones. I saw this on their online store and thought it sounded interesting I’ll add it to my list.

I wasn’t disappointed.

It was very interesting and there was never a moment that something wasn’t happening. It is a fantasy, sci-fi, romance, and adventure story. With magic on other planets, alien invaders come to suck the life out of the planet. Think pocahontas Disney but there isn’t going to be peace at the end of this.

And as the title suggests it is about Asheal (One of the main point of views of the story) rising into her power to save her world from an evil called Zanthar.

The book doesn’t finish the story, there is definitely another book coming. It was written well and every action was clear even when there was a scene with multiple people in it.

My only critiques, and it’s just me being picky if I’m honest. But names, the use of names in the dialogue seemed a little excessive. Also given the fact that people, on average, are generally bad with names. That would be my only negative point.

However, on a whole I enjoyed the story so far. The author was clearly unafraid to maim the characters (spoiler alert) especially since the main character lost an eye. There was no graphic content, but some subjects visited are for an age range of teens at the very youngest.

I would rate this as 4 out of 5 stars.