Xperia 2.8

“You refused a guard from the group that I had hand selected for you, and then you end up out here…”, Charles had never sounded so cold. Then again, Arellia had never stepped out of line before. She was the Queen however.
“Release him now”, before giving him a chance to reply she drew her stone and held it to his throat. “Or I will find a new Chamberlain”. Charles gritted his teeth, he needed her more than she needed him. He nodded to his guards. “Now, take me back, I wish to call a meeting”, she relaxed her stone hand. Charles took one glance at it and groaned.
“Damn it your majesty, I’m just trying to help you”, he complained. Arellia rolled her eyes at him. She took a second to glance at Alasdair, who was now free, she had expected him to run. But he remained. “We apprehended the criminals who attacked you, and the man they had bribed, they are set to be punished upon your return”.
It was a relief but she had a creeping feeling that they should be moving. That shadow may come for them… It had disappeared after it had guided her back to the wall.
“How did you track me?”, she asked as the started their trek back.
“You left the trail”, Charles pointed at the trees she had marked. Just as she was about to say more. A scream ripped their attention in the direction that the girl had gone.