Xperia 2.7

Arellia hesitated, why would he help her? They clearly had no love for the royalty.
“Why won’t you just leave me?”, she asked first. The branch in her back was swiftly removed now that she wasn’t exactly hiding.
“Now you sound like the others”, his reply sounded almost amused. He still didn’t turn to face her, if someone was watching they probably thought he’d gone insane. “Just come with me, I’ll take you back to the wall and we can find a way back in”, he added.
“If you have been here for years I’m going to assume there isn’t one or you’d have found it”, Arellia heard the snot tone, and she regretted it instantly. “I’m sorry”, she murmured.
“What for?”, he asked.
“My tone was rude and unhelpful”, Arellia sighed, then cambered out from her hiding space. A couple of the branches snatched at her. Creating small cuts that would probably nip worse than any serious injury.
Just as he turned to face her. A stick snapped in the distance and royal guards burst into their space. They grappled and bound Alasdair to his knees while shielding Arellia. “What are you doing!? Fools he was helping me, release him at once!”, Arellia shouted.
“I’m afraid not my Queen”, Charles stepped out of the shadows.