Xperia 2.6

I stopped exploring this story for a little while as I ended up becoming really busy. Life just decided to pile on the crap so I stopped a lot of things. So, I’m back exploring the idea of writing a story on the spot when I’m waiting for something, or if I’m travelling. I don’t know where this story will go, until the post is written.


She walked until she found the wall that surrounded her home. From here she headed back towards the trees. Using a stone she had found she scored a mark against the bark of the first tree to her reach. The deeper she walked the more trees she marked.
The sun was setting yet she knew she no longer had any fear for the shadow crawling within the forests darkness. Arellia searched for signs that others apart from the children lived here. Or at least had been here recently… The only things she found were ghosts of disturbances that she could tell had not been here in a long time. Or if they had, they were dead.
Animals caught her attention but otherwise left her be. A rustle in the trees and small high pitched voices set her guard up. Arellia dived into a small brush that consealled her snuggly within its branches.
The children had gone on the hunt for her. Did they hate her that much? One of the branches caught at the skin on her back. Just as Alasdair stepped out from behind on of the trees. He furrowed his eyes at one of the trees. It was the last tree she had marked. Arellia cursed, the branch pointing in her back was making it difficult to stay still, but he was lingering longer than she liked.
“Alasdair why don’t we leave her? She’s a royal”, a young woman about Alasdair’s age stepped out from where he had come. He looked back at the beautiful girl with mattered red hair and a pale complexion.
“She might need our help”, his voice was soft and it warmed Arellia to hear. But that alone was not going to bring her out to him. His eyes searched the ground next, his tracking skills guiding him to her… She cursed to herself.
“If you bring her back she’s dead anyway, then that thing will come for us”, the girl hissed. She gripped the cloth at his shoulder and spun him around. It wasn’t fast enough to stop the brief eye contact that Arellia and Alasdair shared, but it was enough to distract him. “Leave her”.
“Let me go, take the others and go back on your own”, his voice deepened. This was the opposite to his happier disposition earlier. The girl pressed her lips in a tight line before releasing him and leaving. Arellia held her breath. He stood in silence for a moment before he spoke.
“Are you going to come out?”, his question didn’t shock her. But her mind was still playing with what would be more appropriate. “I don’t really want to drag you”, he sighed. No, neither did she. The stick in her back was growing more uncomfortable. Her only dignified option was to come out herself.