Thirty day no chocolate challenge – Day two.

So far so good, I have managed to avoid all chocolate for two days. Yes I know, it has only just begun, but hey I have to give myself credit sometimes since I don’t usually go this long without it. I even said no to dessert which is very good for me!

I am starting to feel very good about my no chocolate challenge, the first day I was like “ah! Cravings!” though I’m sure there will be days when I am so close to giving up… Especially around a very specific time that everyone will know about, or should.

What I’d like to discuss though is the juice plus capsules I am currently taking. I was originally on just the fruit and vegetable blend in the picture above. (I am now on the second tubs of those) there’s 120 capsules in each, and everyone is instructed to take two of each everyday. Now I am going to discuss something quite personal. If you are someone who is squeamish about this sort of subject, leave my page now.

Usually every month I was irregular, I never knew when it was going to come up. Sometimes I’d be early others I’d be late, and I’d have to guess depending in if I was feeling any cramps that day, or I’d have no warning at all. However, since starting the fruit and veg capsules I have been very regular same time every month. The capsules appear to have balanced out my hormones so I’m no longer all over the place. Which for me is a big life saver.

Since the fruit and veg capsules worked so well for me I have now added the Berry, and omega blends to my diet as well to see if there are any other benefits to my system.