Thirty day no chocolate challenge.

I am not doing this for any particular reason other than health.

I eat too much chocolate. Even when I was following the juice plus+ plan I ate chocolate on the sly. So, now I have to be good. This is all going to lead into other things as well but for now following the moto of juice plus+ ‘one simple change’.

It has to be all chocolate. Dark, milk, white, and cocoa powder. Anything with any of these in it is forbidden to enter my mouth.

I have an issue with chocolate, quite unhealthy really. If I have chocolate of any kind I typically use that to replace a meal… And I am not even joking that habit is more common than you think. I have also eaten take out food most if not everyday this week which is killing my healthy eating idea. So, this is where I am starting. Chocolate is no longer my friend.

Day 1 –

I physically regret this decision, though at the same time my brain knows what’s happening. Day one is always the hardest to cut any bad habit off, because you have to willingly decide to do this for yourself. While your body is like… “Noooooooooo” like the first mile to a run. While jogging the first mile is killer, your breathing hasn’t quite evened out, your heart hasn’t quite found the rhythm. All your muscles tell you to stop. Well, if you stop at this point and think it’s too hard that’s when you let your body defeat you. But, if you carry on your body will find a rhythm then it won’t be so bad. Then mile five hits and it gets hard again for a little bit, then you find a rhythm that just keeps going afterwards. It is the same as giving up a bad habit. My advice don’t let your body win, if you feel yourself caving, find something else to do, something else to occupy the body and brain. Replace a bad habit for a good one!