Juice Plus+ – Capsules

So last time I posted I talked vaguely about some of the benefits in the juice plus plan. Now I am going to go into more detail with each post, as well as posting something I have discovered in myself.

Firstly, I am currently on just the fruit and veg capsules. I am a person who doesn’t particularly like every fruit and vegetable that is put in front of her. So, this is a means for me to get my vitamins, without having to force feed me until I gag. I’d also like to point out that force feeding anyone something is not fun, and food should be something enjoyed. Which is why fast food restaurants are so rich right now.

The first thing I have noticed with being on just the fruit and vegetable capsules is that I haven’t, touch wood, fallen ill in the last two – three months. Even though, alot of people around me have caught flu, cold, some form of bug, and chest infections.

The reason for this is explained in one of the research notes I’ll copy onto here :

[immune system]

The immune system is a key system for preserving the body’s health. Maintaining and promoting this system is therefore an important approach in this direction. Fruit and vegetables are known to have a moderate immune enhancing effect.

In addition, oxidative stress is associated with damage to the immune system. Fruit and vegetables thus have a very major role to play in this context. (I will talk about oxidative stress in my next post).

The effect of juice plus+ on the immune system has been examined in various clinical studies. All of them have shown that juice plus+ strengthens and substantially supports the body’s normal defences.

I don’t know why the picture is sideways. But there you have it.

That is some of the information I will be discussing in further posts.