Juice plus+ week 4 – busy, busy, busy…

I haven’t posted in a while. I understand that it’s because of university plus my other hobbies. But I did promise myself I would focus more on keeping my posts up so, I’m still very frustrated with myself.

These are not official weeks anymore. However this is my fourth post on juice plus+ which is why it is now week 4.

I have made quite a few improvements since my last post. I’m not sure about my weight or size though I have been told I look like I have lost weight. Though I am certain that I have now started having a regular breakfast every morning.

It’s nice and simple –

* gluten free granola – (you can buy from Aldi).

* a small dash of honey – (if you’re vegan there are easy substitutes).

* a small portion of vanilla alpro yoghurt – (I pour a small dollop into my bowl I don’t typically measure)

It tastes absolutely delicious. It’s good for you, and it’s simple to put together. Quick easy. No fuss. Which if you have busy mornings is brilliant. There are some complaints about this idea though I tend to ignore these little things. However, just to calm any uncertainty.

1. Granola (especially the nutty one I have) is high in fats.

– Well yes, but they are healthy fats you need to have. No matter how you think in your head your body needs a little bit of healthy fats everyday. It keeps you warm which is the most basic reason for them. But they’re also a source of slow burning energy. The body needs that to function. To cut that out completely is foolish.

2. Full of sugar.

– well yes again honey is full of sugar. Not to burst anyones bubble but it’s natural sugar, just like your fruit. I once heard a group of girls talking about how they won’t eat fruit because of the sugar content. Don’t be silly. It’s fructose, not glucose in fruit and honey. Sugars to avoid are added sugars, juices from concentrate.

3. No dairy.

– yes because as a species we are not supposed to drink cows milk. Cows milk is designed for bovine infants. We are not even remotely bovine, and we don’t drink from our mothers forever. But there are other sources of calcium we just have to look closer into the foods we eat. It is why some people are lactose intolerant. They just have a far greater reaction than others do.

The point of juice plus+ is not to limit you into a particular dietary plan. Just to think a little more about what we put into our bodies. It can be, and is, used for weightloss, but that is not the main point of juice plus+. It is to create a healthier eating habit or lifestyle in general.

I feel like there is a misconception with juice plus+ that I’d like to clear up. Juice plus+ is just a name, it isn’t just a juice diet. There are milkshakes, and there are powders for soups. But it’s not just that. The intention is to change one thing at a time this could be anything from skipping meals (like me), or if you eat really unhealthy, or if you do want to lose weight. And to gradually work your way off the milkshakes, or soups, or boosters whichever plan you think you wish to try.

Another misconception about the capsules keeps coming up in my life as well. Some people in my life feel that I should just eat fruit and veg rather than take the capsules. Well the capsules are 30 fruit and veg ground into small capsules. (Don’t believe me, read the research). I can’t physically eat all of that in day, everyday. Also I don’t like all fruit and veg. This allows me to improve my health without having to force is down my throat.

Juice plus+ has a motto – one simple change. Well my simple change has been breakfast.

I think my next one is to keep up my water supply. I’m doing well that most days I’m on 3L, but kitten bladder is real.

I will update when that change is a steady everyday habit.

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