Juice plus+ – Week three – Holiday naughtiness…  

Hope you all had good holidays. I’m not going to lie… Christmas got me… Christmas was mean on any healthy eating plan you could possibly think of. Any progress I had made on eating healthy before then died…

However, there is a silver lining… Only small though, I did eat three meals a day, everyday. They weren’t particularly healthy meals except for my grans soup in Scotland (oh the love for that soup is divine).

The only thing is now life is going back to normal, University is starting again soon, and the fitness classes are up and running again so the Christmas gut developing in the pictures above will disappear. This is war.

My plan was about the fact that I skip meals, and it still is about that. Don’t get me wrong I’m not big by anyone’s standards I’d just like to refine the body down to the neat size it was before Christmas, so temporarily it is about my size. Just as an extra I don’t like to go by weight because weight could be anything muscle, bone, skin, organs, and even the hair on your head. Weight doesn’t take all these necessary components of your body into account. Which is why if I go to a doctor they will tell me I am overweight for my height… I’m not a nutritionist but I will say that’s evil. So instead I’m going fir how I feel about myself, I’m a little unhappy about my size for now, so I’m going to change it. Once there maintaining will be pretty straight forward.

These capsules are a lifesaver. Everyone else around me fell ill over the holidays. Flu and stomach bugs. Even the Christmas of 2016 I not only caught a stomach bug over Christmas over the new year to 2017 I caught the flu which knocked me in bed for three whole days. This year… I’m as healthy as ever. I may have stopped eating healthy, and having my milkshakes but I kept up with these beautiful capsules. I think they saved me from whatever was going around this year.

I finished my first pouch of vanilla powder. I’m a little gutted on the inside, but I still have two more left plus I have started on the chocolate powder this time around. The chocolate flavour like in everything else chocolate is definitely heavier than the vanilla. I think I am finding that I enjoy the vanilla powder more than the chocolate one. It is nice don’t get me wrong! But the vanilla is creamier, and a lot more versatile with the different things you can throw into it I think.

Juice plus + shake recipe

For something nice and simple if you don’t have time to throw anything extra in and blend it together. Try –

Juice plus + chocolate powder – 1 scoop

Almond milk – 250ml

Chia seeds – 1 scoop.

Chia seeds are so good for you.