Juiceplus+ – week two – Xmas break

Last week I started running with the dogs. It was to boost not only my own better but my poochies as well. Since I have siberian huskies they love running.

I felt great for it too, wake up nice and early (6am); pre-run yoga, run, post-run yoga, juiceplus+ capsules, then while my juiceplus+ shake is prepared I’d give the poochies a little concoction to help improve their health.

Maybe try it with your own dogs, a bit of coconut oil (has to be organic virgin coconut oil), a small sprinkle of turmeric (great for a natural anti-inflamatry), parsley, cayenne, and ginger (good for the heart, but also digestion).

I’m one of those weird people who, if they don’t wake up early the rest of their day is thrown off completely… And that’s it nothing will get done. I have a set plan in my head of how to structure my day and if anything gets in the way of that my whole day is ruined. It could be anything that sparks my brain into plan crippled frustration. And it happens every morning after my run but I won’t get into that. 

My energy levels were great, and my body felt health, strong, what I forgot to do was bump up my water intake. I am neatly drinking 2L a day on a normal day. However to bring in any exercise that water intake needs to increase as well as I learned headaches are a thing. And they aren’t just small headaches that you can just ignore (well you could ignore but they will get worse) they are brain pulsing like it wants to break out of your skull.

The only thing with me, and I’m sure most people will agree that increasing my intake of water can have an urgent side effect that won’t wait. Peeing constantly, and it’ll just get more intense, and more frequent. So I have to be careful, if I don’t want to live on the toilet for the rest of my life. 

Tried a delicious treat.

Rice cake, peanut butter and chocshot. 

It’s nice and is good as a healthy treat.

Week three is going to be my break week, as Christmas is at the end of it. I will still be taking my capsules, and shakes, just maybe not all the extra things.