Start of something new (for me) 

I haven’t posted in a long time, and it isn’t because I’m giving up with anything. I have just been very busy with my last year of university, and my extra curricular activities that every chance I get to chill, I do nothing.

I am however, going to try to keep on top of everything from now on. Especially since Christmas is coming… (Shit, I’m not even close to prepared)… Which means I’ll have time away from university, and other things.

What prompted this post?

I recently decided I would be seriously intrigued to try being healthier. I was thinking about this for a while, but I never really went for it because I was busy to a point I would skip meals through out the day. Then eat ONE massive meal at the end of the day. Maybe, sometimes I’d just buy a chocolate bar, and be so tired that I wouldn’t bother doing anything else.

What changed?

Well recently I discovered a friend of mine in my pole sessions, who also goes on dog group walks that I also attend, is a part of this journey called juiceplus+. She explained how it works, and what it actually involves. I tried a trial of it about a week ago, and came to the conclusion that this journey would be good for someone like myself. I eat nothing good for me, and skip meals. Things were starting to slip out of my energy range (this included). It was time to try something new, and seriously give it a go. No more “I’ll try it tomorrow”s I had to give this proper chance.

I understand what some of you might be thinking. Replacing meals with milkshakes is probably not the best idea. Yes, well… I was replacing meals with nothing originally. So, it couldn’t possibly be worse than what I was doing. Second, according to the research into juiceplus+ these aren’t designed just for weightloss, they are designed for a healthier lifestyle.

I have started on the vegetable, and fruit capsules which contain so many veg and fruit I couldn’t possibly eat them normally in a day anyway. Plus, this is a good way for me to make sure that I am getting the vitamins, and minerals that I need in my body.

I also got the milkshakes as they are very nice, plus I skip meals, this is a way for me to get something down me so my body isn’t starving.

This is just one way to do this juiceplus+. You don’t have to follow mine to the letter, but it might be a good idea for anyone who, like myself skips meals on a regular basis.

I started mine last night. I haven’t measured myself, or anything like that. Instead I’m going to take note of how I feel in my day to day life. How I feel within myself is far more important than my weight. Though I’ll say, I am feeling very good this morning, and I’ll make a weekly update on it. Plus I’ll add a new recipe I have tried, and found delicious every week.

So, first –

1 scoop vanilla powder juiceplus+

1 banana

250ml of almond unsweetened milk.
Is absolutely fabulous.