Xperia 2.4


“We’re not all children…” Alasdair sounded pout, it put a small smile on Arellia’s face. “Some of us are older than we look”. He rushed toward a small boy that had waved to him. It left her to think about her next move. When a small girl squealed from behind her. Her tiny dirty finger was pointed stoic still at Arellia. Every eye pinned towards her. Some confused, others surprised, but not as curious.

“It’s fine Kimi! She’s not an intruder…” Alasdair came running. The girl screamed again. Her glare unflinching as she stared Arellia down. The girl was thin, where baby fat should coat a layer under her skin was bone, and scars. Her eyes were a deep brown, and they were imprisoning Arellia. Alasdair turned her body to him, but her eyes remained in the conflict. “I brought her here, would you look at me?”. A whimper bubbled from her throat. “Look at me, please”. She snapped, screamed in his face, and pointed at the backwall beside the tree ladder entrance.

That was when Arellia noticed the depiction carved into it. Her heart sank, her blood froze in her veins. The whole world fell away at that moment. It was the royal emblem. Her emblem. Scratched out. Viciously. Then the world returned with the heavy weight of malice burning in her direction. Alasdair looked to the wall, then stood up. His back was to her, but even still she could hear the ticking in his brain, the click at what Kimi meant, and the roll of shoulders back in decision.

“Are you…?” Before he could finish his question. Arellia ran, she didn’t bother turning to climb down the ladder. She jumped. “Wait!” She heard Alasdair call. It was too late. Her body was plummeting down.


To be continued…