Xperia 2.3


When she reached the top there was a whole village of people living up in the trees. They were mostly children, with a few teens wondering around doing little jobs.

“What is this?” Arellia couldn’t believe her eyes. The structure was designed as a huge bungalow styled tree house. It was supported by at least ten trees. It was all made from wood. “How did you do this?”.

“What?” Alasdair asked as he clambered up after her. “This?” He gestured to the wooden structure with one finger circling in the air. “We found out a material in the dirt when in contact with air solidifies like concrete” he started, he tapped his foot to show her that it was solid underneath. “But once wet returns to its sticky liquid ways… Is that right liquid? It basically softens. So we had to find a way to keep it dry, which is why you couldn’t see it, the ivy plants we wrapped around it absorbs the moisture in the air” he smiled. He was clearly proud of there work. She couldn’t blame them, they were children how’d they survive?

“Are you all children?” She twirled around, and noticed a large population of children with a older teen looking boy teaching them to read, and write.


To be continued…