Xperia 2.2


“Let go of me!” Arellia snapped, she scratched at his hand but he still didn’t release her. He walked with her dragged at his heels for a couple of minutes. He moved smoothly between the trees even though the leaves of the trees above blocked out all the light. Another screech sounded closer now. No human cry followed just a crunch, and splash mingled together. She didn’t dare imagine what that meant.

“OK, climb the tree” he stopped beside a large thick trunk. It had ridges cut out of it in equal gaps clearly designed to be something of a ladder.

“No” she stomped her foot. Arellia wanted to go home, and go home she will.

“If you don’t you’ll die, is that what you want?” he said it passively as if death didn’t matter. It shocked her to not hear the typical viper tone designed to make you feel small. “Climb up, and tomorrow I’ll take you home deal?” he held out his hand. She looked down at it his hands were scarred with calluses, and nails chipped black. It was damaged but she found it a pleasant sight. She took the hand shaking it weakly before letting go. The heat from his hand was too comforting to be normal.

At first it was awkward to climb, she didn’t want to ruin her nails like he had, but in the end she forgot all about them. She concentrated on the burn in her thighs, and biceps. Her forearms cramped, and carves stiffened.

“Is there a house up here?” she panted.

“Sort of, you’ll see it soon enough” His reply was unbroken. He wasn’t even straining to get up here. How long had he been out here? He didn’t look that much older than herself.

“Can I ask your name?” she asked. She heard a slight chuckle which was close to a low rumble. She wanted to hear it again.

“You can ask anything you want” Arellia could hear the smile. She rolled her eyes, and clicked her tongue to her teeth to tut.

“What is your name?” She asked.

“Alasdair” his reply cut off.


“Just Alasdair”.


To be continued…