Xperia 2.1


Behind Arellia was a young man, roughly the same age or so he looked, approached her. His hands held up as if that was to calm her. He was tall, skinny from the way his clothes hung loose from his shoulders, and skin was kissed golden by the sun. His face was chiseled with dark stubble to match his dark hair and eyes.

“Stay there” Arellia warned him. He paused in his tracks. She felt attracted to this man, his face had an appeal that drew her eyes in, but she wasn’t about to trust him. She should have picked a stupid guardian.

“I’m here to help” He was the first to say it. Though not that it mattered now, how could he help her?

“No you can’t” she shook her head. A screeched echoed in the distance. It was followed by another human cry. “I don’t think anyone can”.

“There are worse things here, I will take you back to the castle in the morning” His tone had picked up a slight urgency. It sent Arellia’s heart pounding.

“What could be worse than that?” she didn’t know what it was. It had killed, and continued to kill so many people that had been left out here.

“Let’s go” she had been so distracted by the noises that came from the forest, that she had not noticed him step close enough to touch her. He caught her wrist, and pulled her into the brush.


To be continued…