Xperia 1.9


Arellia stepped out of the box room, and her ears were greeted with the soft crunch of grass. Her nose could smell damp dirt. The little hairs on her arms began to prickles, and her eyes widened when she saw the forest that lay beyond her walls.

The door slammed shut behind her, then a mini fake wall swap d over the top preventing her return. Her heart beat loud in her ears, and sweat glazed her palms. This was what she had done to the criminals of the city. No room for them in the city walls to lock them up so she sent them out as soldiers.

A cry of what sounded like a small group of men erupted the forest peace a little way ahead of her. Then she noticed other doors opening, more people came out. They wore the same horrendously uncomfortable garment that she did, but they didn’t hesitate to walk on. Arellia approached one of the men that had come out.

“Excuse me” that sounded far too meek for where she was.

“What?” he was a gruff man, beard, dirty skin, and maybe even just a touch of pink eye. Arellia stepped back when he turned. He was much taller than her, and bulkier too.

“Nevermind” Arellia back tracked from her plan of asking what to do. She tried to remember what she had signed for them to do. She attempt to turn back towards the wall, and slip back in when another person comes out.

“Come on, this way” The man snapped up her wrist, and dragged her into the shadows of the forest. The sudden wariness dawned on her that she had no idea what crime he had been sentenced. Then again he didn’t know about her either. “If you stay by the wall you’ll die, they always die”. He started rambling. She heard screams, and a crunch in the distance. “It’s already started”. No one really knew what was out here, they had been sealed in by the wall for centuries. All knowledge of it lost. Arellia really wished she had spent more resources into their ancestral artifacts, and documents. Another scream, followed by a higher pitched scream. “It’s coming, we have to move quicker, only got one chance” Arellia looked back at the man. One chance? He whipped her around and pressed her front to a tree. His dirty body sweated onto her, as he started ripping her clothes.

“Are you a fool!?” she started screaming, but he covered her mouth with a grungy hand making her cringe. His breath was just as foul as the rest of him.

“Shush, one last go before I die, yeah?” she didn’t get the chance to mumble through his hand. A high pitched whispering passed over him, and all she saw was shadow. His weight was removed from her body, and she slumped to the ground. The forest was eerie quiet. Did she dare turn around? Her heart was beating hard against her chest, and her skin felt contaminated. Something cold touched her cheek, and she couldn’t stop the flinch that followed.


To be continued…