Xperia 1.8


She was carried into a room over the Captains shoulders. It was barron of all windows, and painted black with one single ceiling built light directly in the middle of the room. It was empty, apart from a single locker, and another door on the other side.

“Get changed, you have one minute” The captain threw her into the room against the single locker.

“Is that going to be enough time?” Arellia asked. She regained her balance, and snatched at the locker door. All that was inside was a black, old, and muddy one piece bodysuit that zipped up the front.

“Doesn’t matter you’ll be going out that door even if you’re not” he replied. He turned swiftly, his lack of patience offended her so she continued her little mind game.

“I meant for you” she tugged off her cloak, and shuffled the rest of her dress from her body. It was an expensive dress, it was shocking that who she was still had not come to mind. Or maybe he didn’t care. He didn’t act like he didn’t care though. He paused at the door to look back at her. He watched the dress fall, and her naked body exposed to him while she peeled the clothes from the locker onto her skin. It itched. It stunk. It was anything but appealing, but his eyes widened like something had crossed his mind. “I thought you said I only had a minute?”.

“You do…” he sounded unsure, but he left the room anyway. A second later the door on the other side buzzed open. Arellia had no idea where she was, or what was beyond that door. The silence that lay beyond it unnerved her, but she would not allow fear to control her body.

She stepped towards the questionable door without hesitation.


To be continued…