EAAC 2017 – Day 2 complete! 

I have four words to sum up today. HOLY SHIT MY THIGHS. I’m quite an active, and strong person, however I’ve obviously been using muscles that aren’t used to the particular exercises I have been doing this weekend so all of me is sore. What makes my thighs the worst part to be sore is that Edinburgh is full of hills, and stairs. I suddenly feel like Po from kung-fu panda. I still gave everything I planned a go though so… I’ll probably be worse tomorrow. My energy levels are fine but my muscles have decided “woah wait this ain’t normal!”. Damn it body! 

Today we started on Cyr Wheel which is really fun. Now anyone who is an aerialist in say example silks, or hoop like myself it was really awkward to get my head around. Well not my head, more my body.

I was hearing the explanations, and understanding what I had to do. Applying that in action was the tricky part. Trying to not pull it over my head while sitting into the position was a lot more complicated than it looks.

The teacher just made it look so easy, his instructions were very clear, and detailed. However, this is obviously a discipline that takes longer than a single hour to get. As much as he helped adjust my form, and knew where I was going wrong, my spins were making small maybe even tiny improvements, I still didn’t get more than a one half spin.

Plus sinking into my knees… Is apparently an issue for my thigh muscles right now.

Which is another huge problem as my next class was Acrobatics. I suppose I deserve this punishment.

Acrobatics was really interesting, especially since the instructor, a lovely guy, explained why we were to practice the techniques we did.

My pole instructor would be so proud of me I did a backwards roll. Yes it happened! I have never been able to backwards roll without risk of breaking my neck.

I also think I may be closer to my handstands which I’m so happy about! But the funniest, and I think best moment that takes today was when we had to backwards roll up into a Handstand.

This was hysterical because the instructor came to help, and no word of a lie I was dangled in the air like a fish it was absolutely hysterical! The moment I lifted my legs to push up, he and michaella grabbed a leg each, and lifted. Well all control was literally off my hands. I’m not even exaggerating.

As a witness, and Handstand partner in this practice, michaella didn’t believe me until he did the exact same to her. We were giggling for most of that hour.

Once lunch hit I was possibly a very sore mess.

It didn’t get worse in my next class though. Actually I was very comfortable in my next class. Silks intermediate L1. I had a very patient, and thorough teacher. She went through our climbs to see roughly where abouts we were in level.

I am also really pleased to be taking home at least one slack drop under my belt. I have been really hoping to try a drop in silks for a while, but due to height it’s not really possible. What surprised me was that some of the other girls with me who practiced longer, and more regular were neater but couldn’t do some of the stuff I had already done. It just means that I just need to refine my lines and movements.

I was perfectly happy after that class. Until tumbling.

Now, don’t get my wrong the teacher was lovely, she just was quite narrow in her things for you to do? I think that’s how I want to say it… Maybe… I don’t want to come across as mean but this was what I experienced. She was perfectly patient, and happy.

But she would tell you to do a roll in a set way, and that was it. If you couldn’t do it, there wasn’t much adjust this hand there or, ok well maybe do it this way instead if that’s not comfortable for you.

A couple times on backwards rolls which I can’t do on a normal day, but I managed them today in acrobatics because the technique to protect my head and neck worked for me. However the only way of backwards rolling she taught us was one I seriously can’t do. The sad bunny hands by your head I can’t do it. And twice my neck crunched under me…

I was sore, I don’t usually give up on something like this except I’m in a lot of pain already, and my neck was now adding to that list of pain. I don’t want to cut my weekend short with an injury. So, I skipped a couple of the combos she had the class go through that involved backwards rolls to protect myself.

Another thing I noticed was an old injury I have had for years was totally fine in everything else aerial. And was fine until a particular roll in tumbling made it spike. This has never happened before but the pain lingered that I almost gave in to a limp, I had to walk off the pain.

By the time the class was ending I just wanted it to end, I was in a lot of pain, new parts of me was hurting, and I wasnt particularly enjoying that I felt like I had to sit out because I couldn’t do it unless I snapped my neck.

In a small way I was a little bit gutted. I just wanted to go to the hostel, and nap. I didn’t, and still haven’t. I was bucked up by my next class Chinese pole.

Chinese pole was definitely different to the usual pole I do in the climb. In Reiko climb for normal pole you want to fully push your body weight away from the pole to create I suppose you could call it a lock. As your weight is locked in a limbo between your arms (fully extended) holding onto the pole, and you legs pushing your butt away. On Chinese pole it was different. Arms needed a slight bend to keep them engaged while at the same time pulling away. And you don’t want to push down but sort of at an angle. It is really odd to explain, and after one lesson I can’t explain it.

It was really good though, and you could apply some of the normal pole knowledge to the Chinese pole. Not all of it, but some of it.

What I realised with this weekend was that I am a pole and Aerial baby. I’ll do aerial, pole, and handstands. But please no more floor rolls. I can’t cope with them. My strengths definitely lie in the pole or aerial, my body is not adjusted to things like acro. However I would only have learned that through giving it a try. I don’t say that because I couldnt do them, I say it because I didn’t enjoy them as much.