EAAC 2017 – Day 1 Complete. 

Well today has taught me one very good, and important lesson. Trust my body. I don’t have pictures, or videos of the Parkour… Purely because I still need work on jumping further, and I didn’t take a picture or recording of acrobalance because I couldn’t get into anything! Lol! But I did get videos of the rest of the day, so handstands, static cloud, and trampolining. Sadly they’re on my camera so I’ll be uploading those after EAAC, but I will show a picture of day 1 aerial badges of honour.

Left arm. 

Right arm.

Parkour jump further.

It was really fun. I have to say it got me sweating in five seconds, and I’ll be honest my thighs are going to be very sore tomorrow. Though I did learn some very nice hints in how to land, how to jump further, and what I am doing wrong.

Typically the only time I had to jump was when diving into a pool for swimming galas. Which is not helpful technique to apply when trying out Parkour.

The teacher was really helpful, knew exactly where I was going wrong with every jump. By the end of the class my thighs had acquired that beautiful feeling that happens when you’ve worked them so hard that when you bend your knee you think your leg will just collapse.

What I had managed was to land sometimes securely on a pipe… But not always. Lol.

Now, the only slight hiccup I may not have considered was my next class was acrobalance… Well shit.

It was quite funny, as I had suddenly gained the confidence to be at kissing distance to a stranger. I can usually be quite shy, but aerial and acro grabs a hammer, and literally beats that wall called shyness down.

Safe to say, I was crap at acrobalance. I only managed maybe two of the poses we did. The two I managed as a Base, only one as a flyer. My body didn’t seem to like the idea that I couldn’t just strength depend my way through this.

I was also a touch concerned that in two positions I had to be in a squatted position, and my thighs were jiggling like jelly. I didn’t drop anyone, and I want to be clear that I would never drop someone. I was just a bit shakey because they weren’t used to the exercise. Perfectly normal…

The tutor was very yin and yang kind of vibe. It was all about balance, and communication with partner. Well I had communication down. Balance is clearly the part my brain just said “Error”.

I did manage at least one move. So, I’ll forgive myself for being poo at it.

Luckily, we had a lunch break.

The next class was handstands. Now actively there wasn’t much done. However! That was because the tutor was just so knowledgeable about it, and made sure we left that class with something to work from at home. Which I like because handstands (maybe some can) aren’t acquired in an hour. Or it hasn’t been for me. I could do it against the wall, but I didn’t know how to progress from wall to free standing. I, now, know how to build towards that, and the different aspects of my body that I need to concentrate on.

There will be a video of my current level being posted when I’m home.

I also realised that even though I’m not standing on my legs, they may become a problem when I’m upside down on my hands. Lol! Every time I squeezed my thighs they started to shake, and felt very tired very quickly. Though it wasn’t too strenuous, and I survived.

What really struck the fear in me, and are the cause of those beautiful bruises above ^ was static cloud. At this point I’m tired, I can feel my body is not going to give up, but there’s an edge of freshness just gone. So swinging around on what could only be described as aerial sling but in rope form was a little… For a lack of a better word… Terrifying.

Yes, I am possibly that fool that carries on pushing the body beyond its limits, but I’m not passing up a chance to experience something I might not get to do again, or very often! So, I pushed that fear down, and did it anyway.

The teacher was lovely, very clear on her instructions, and alot of fun. She knew exactly what she was doing, and very safe. And had us do a forward roll. Now, I’ve just done handstands, my thighs are shakey at best this was the moment my brain went “wait! What if your hands drop you!”. A rule about aerial in general hesitancy is usually more of an enemy than your physical ability. I dived into the roll anyway, my hands didn’t give. Actually they were fine. The roll. Was so fun!

I would have lost out if I had let my fear rule me. Plus the teacher was quick on her feet, she caught a couple of people in that session. No injuries occurred. So, it was safe to say she would have helped me had things gone askew. Which made the thought easier to ignore. Afterwards I picked my that my body is totally fine, as much as it’s not used to what its done it was not going to drop me. My body wants me to live as much as my brain.

Videos will be uploaded soon.

I really didn’t want static cloud to end. There was just this ache to do it again. Alas my hour was up with the beautiful art, and my next class trampolining was up.

I picked a fine day for that… I was genuinely amazed that my legs didn’t just collapse under myself. I thought “oh christ more jumping, idiot”. It was fun though. I was utter rubbish, and may have somehow burned my ankles on the material.

The teacher was a nice guy, who even allowed us to watch some of the stuff he can do at the end of the class. It was weird trying to explain to your brain the concept of falling backwards in a pike, which winds you when you hit the trampoline, then trying to land on your feet while trying to recover from possible whiplash. Lol.

I have plenty of videos of these as well. Though I’m not very good so be kind.

All in all the day was really fun. And tomorrow is going to be more intense.

Cyr Wheel, acrobatics, silks intermediate L1, tumbling, and Chinese pole.

I’m going to be so sore.