EAAC 2017 – Today is the day! 

Today is the day! We arrived last night at the hostel which isn’t so bad.

Once settled in we explored a little bit. It is a nice place to tourist around, the old buildings have been looked after quite well so some of the architecture is really nice to see. Plenty of shops, and food restaurants to go to (If I weren’t poor). There was also a lot of Scottish experience shops so plenty of places to buy souvenirs. 

Then we returned to the hostel. I have now woken up quite early, whoops, and a little stuck on what to do so I might have a shower before anyone else gets up. 

But first today’s classes will be – 

Parkour ‘Jump further’ open level

Acrobalance Beginners

Handstands beginners 

Static cloud beginners

Trampolining beginners. 

I’m quite excited to update you on these classes.