Xperia 1.7 


He walked down every road that Arellia could see had no guard on it… She was furious at Charles for this. The streets seemed quieter again like the people who lived on them didn’t dare come out. Shopping district was empty almost deserted. Then he hopped down onto a canal, which took him down to the military section. 

Chills sank deep into her bones, when she saw a crew captain standing at the end of the canal. He wore the typical colours of her family crest, silver, navy blue, and black. Her crest sat in the centre of his breast plate. 

“I got the message, I thought you was bringing me an old lady” His voice was gruff, and each word seemed gutted.

“Change in plan, the old woman can be easily silenced” Arellia’s carrier replied. 

“Whatever, hurry up, my current squad are due to be deployed now” His order was absolute. Arellia screamed, and struggled. The thought to tell them who she was crept in, but was swiftly removed. It would only give them more incentive to kill her. “Stop struggling, or I will slit your throat, and leave you out there, you won’t be missed”. A mind trick played on her brain. She will haunt this man. She forced on the most wry smile she could think of looked up at him, as calmly as she could, the important thing was eye contact, he would know she was telling the truth. 

“Yes, I will be very missed” her words came out sly, as smooth as a blade to the gut. The captain stopped in his tracks. They stared each other out. 

“Who are you?” someone finally asked. Though it was too late to save him. 

“By the time you find out, it’ll be too late”. 


To be continued…