Xperia 1.5


There was a pause for debate. A question that would remain unanswered unless something was done about it. 

Laura shuffled towards her window looking out of the front garden. She described a small man, skinny, and wearing typically plain clothing waiting at her door. He couldn’t see her, but when Arellia came observe she felt a worry in her chest. He had no parcel, or letter. Laura claimed not to recognise him. Which only made Arellia more suspicious, because neither did she. He knocked on the door again, clearly not giving up. 

“Just leave it honey, he’ll leave” Laura placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, and returned to the table. 

“I suppose you’re right” she narrowed her eyes, and turned away. An almighty crack came from the front door. Then the front door slammed open, the skinny guy that had been knocking came rushing in. He stopped as soon as he saw Arellia. 

“Shit…” he cursed. Everything afterwards felt as though it happened in seconds, but at the same time it was the longest moment of her life. Two other bigger built men, again dressed in non-descript black clothing, and masked came strolling in after the little man. 

They all stopped, and stared at the young woman in the living room. Either Arellia was not recognised as the queen, or they didn’t care. The most important thing was, they had just forced themselves into Laura’s house. 

Without saying a word, Arellia whipped out her small knife, and lunged for the small one first, slashing him across the face as effectively as she could. While he screamed holding his bleeding face in his hands, the two larger men rushed Arellia brandishing weapons of their own. She disarmed one, but regardless of his size he was quick. A swift punch to her right eye knocked her back, and he pinned her to the floor. Hands pinned behind her back, her knife priced from her fingers. 

“Vicious that one” The one that held her grunted. She squealed in frustrated protest, trying to wiggle out of his grasp. The other that had managed to step back from the fight looked to Laura who was, with a shaking hand, holding a kitchen knife up as a threat. 


To be continued…