Xperia 1.4


Arellia entered the residential area of the city, towards a little house that had a small garden, solar panelled roofing, and clouded painted glass walls. When she knocked on the door, an elderly woman with wrinkled shake hands opened the door. 

“Hi” she smiled. The elderly lady brightened back with a smile of her own. Her calloused hands holding onto Arellia’s cheeks. 

“My young Majesty! It has been too long! Come in!” She turned back into her home, it was small though it was comfortable for a single person. As long as they person was not more aligned with a luxurious taste. It was pretty nonetheless, and clean. Laura was always particular about organisation, and order. 

“How have you been?” she asked. Her mind creating a check list. It was her firm belief that the elderly had earned a time of peace, child raising, working, looking after the city. At a certain age she returned the favour… She hoped. Laura turned to her gesturing towards a small table fit for two, Sat between the line if her open designed kitchen, and living room. 

“I’m comfortable, you’ve done well” Laura replied gathering her utensils together for a cup of tea. “I go out when it suits me, I tend to my garden, I read, I’m happy”. 

“That’s a relief” Arellia sighed. 

“You have that look, you didn’t pick a guardian” she chuckled. Laura shakily attempted to carry a tray to the table, but Arellia intervened. 

“I’ll do that you sit” she took the tray, and the two enjoyed a fresh brew while discussing the current issues. “Charles is probably going to suffer heart failure before the week is out”. 

“Shush, he is fine! I am more concerned for you, no guardian? That is troubling…” A knock on the door made the lady pause. Arellia sipped her cup. 

“Are you expecting anyone?” she asked. 

“No…” Laura replied. It was a little concerning, but then again she had not expected Arellia to turn up at her door either. 


To be continued…