Xperia 1.3


“My lady?” Charles looked horrified. Arellia just stared out at the flabbergasted young men that had just completed the challenges. All but the young maid girl who had escorted her, looked totally stunned. 

“Now you may retire for the rest of the afternoon” She declared as if it would soften the blow. In a quick fluid motion Arellia turned on her heels, and returned to the castle, Charles in hot pursuit. 

“My lady! You must pick a guardian that will champion the city, and guard your life!” he protested. She had no patience for obvious complaints. 

“Enough, I said my piece, now accept it Charles, I am fully aware of what’s coming!” She snapped. Her journey ended within the main hall of the castle. “I expect you to keep,  whoever comes looking for me, entertained while I’m out” she said, while the young girl ran off, returning with Arellia’s cloak in hand. Charles paled his body stiffened. 

“Out? Where? Let me call-…”. 

“No” Arellia interrupted “No one can know that I have left, there would be chaos among the noble council members, I just need time to think”. 

“Why not just pick one of them?” Charles was being persistent, she had to give him that. 

“I shouldn’t have to explain myself twice” She tried her best to remain calm, her voice stern, but he was making it difficult. “I won’t tell you again Charles, just do as I say, please”. She tied the cloak and flipped the hood over her head. She left the chambelaine alone in the main hall with the young maid as she took the back entrance to the castle. She passed through the farmlands unnoticed, and entered the residential district following the canal. 


To be continued…