Xperia 1.2


“Very well Charles, begin” Arellia’s announcement sent bright smiles on every candidates face. Including their commanding officer who barked orders at them almost immediately, once Charles nodded the go ahead. 

They rushed off down some steps towards the farming grounds. These had been cleared a couple of days early for the occasion. There was the tests of marksmanship, and swordsmanship. As well as challenges that were designed to replicate possibly dangerous situations to the Queen. 

As each candidate passed each course, Arellia noticed something oddly disturbing. They were each the same, and they rolled through the challenges exactly the same. At the end, when each were faced with a challenge that required a specifically tactical decision between her, and another woman who was a citizen. They all made the same decision, and Arellia hated it. 

Charles looked to her, he was clearly pleased with what he saw. Until he saw her face. He cleared his throat, and the men lined up where they had started. The citizens of the city had gathered to watch the exciting event. They had no idea what she was about to do. It would be the first time. 

Each candidate looked at her with pride. 

“It is an important duty to protect your Queen, but more so to protect your people, each one of you made a decision, it was the same decision without fail, and for that reason, you have all failed, and I shall select none of you, just as none of you thought about how to protect both ideally, but at least the citizen”. 

She was responded to with a gasp of silence. The pride dropped from each man’s face. Charles paled. This was a crucial time for her to have a guardian, but she would much rather face her trials alone. 


To be continued…