Xperia 1.1


Arellia’s first thoughts when she arrived at the courtyard was, ‘oh no’. She serpressed a sigh, and held her chin up with a smile. The young girl who had escorted her glanced over her shoulder, the look was one of uncertainty. 

The courtyard was all white marble stone statues, with fresh green ivy plants blooming over them. A mosaic floor of the god taking his son from the dying mortal woman. Seemed fitting. 

There were a group of men stood with their backs as straight as a Plank. Chests raised in their armour like they wanted to appear as big as possible. Made her think of cats. 

Her chamberlain, who was a slim tall man, pretty in the face, and always wore the top fashion of the city. At this moment he was in a lovely black and gold long coat with golden buttons on either side of his chest working all the way down. 

“My lady are you ready? He asked her. 

The sun was blazing through a clear sky. The knights commander was waiting for his time to call the games. The wind blew in her hair she could tell they were all the same… Trained the same… She knew none would be her guardian today. 


To be continued…