Xperia 1.0


Inside a fifty foot ring wall, made of solid stone, a city thrived. It’s buildings were structured to follow the perfect curve of the barrier. It had four small canals splitting the rings, and rushing out of the wall. Smack in the centre was the castle, with a huge spire at the peak. 

The castle was extravagant in decoration, archways carved with depictions of muses creating art of many forms. Stained glass windows to emphasise the beauty between couples in true love. On the floor was a mosaic article of their God, and how the wall came to being. 

Within this castle a young woman stood at the peak of her spire. Her hair blew in the fresh morning breeze, and it cooled the sweat at the back of her neck. Arellia had decided to wear her hair down for a change, against her chamberlain’s wishes. It was a marvelous royal blue colour, typical of the royal bloodline. Her eyes reflected in her colouring, while her skin was pale. She understood why, she was allowed out of her home only once a year, if that. She had been kept busy in her studies, and duties that it left little time for herself. Except today. 

It was time for her guardian selection. Every Queen has one, to help preserve the protection. Now, with her coming of age, it was her turn. 

Her dress for the occasion was perfect she thought. It matched her hair, in length, and in colour. It was soft silk, and satin. Wrapping around her breasts, following the curve of her waist, and hip. Then draping to the floor, with a split down the sides of her leg. Her shoes were high platform heels, which she adored wearing. In long dresses she got away with it, and they made her walk with an elegance she lacked in flat shoes. 

The altar behind her, in the centre of the room, thrummed to life. Arellia turned just enough to see it over her shoulder. It was a table designed to strap her down, a huge crystal spike above it waiting. She looked at it with disgust. Memories of her mother screaming rang through her ears. She clamped her hands over her ears, and shook her head. 

“Your majesty?” one of the new maids of the castle, Cara, looked at her with wide nervous eyes. She appeared to be settling in well, although Arellia only ever saw her running by. 

“Yes?” She replied. She gave the young girl a smile. Cara bowed, a cute smile spread into her cheeks. Arellia noticed small dimples in her cheeks. 

“It is time, I have been asked to escorts you to the courtyard” she gave another quick curtsey. 

“Of course, lead the way” Arellia felt her heart drop. It returned to her chest in a frenzied panic. 

Cara turned quickly, and started towards the spiral stairs. Arellia noticed her wait every couple of steps to make sure she was still following. When they arrived at the bottom, the castle was eerie quiet. No one was working in the kitchens, or cleaning. Her chamberlain was not around to tell her what subjects she was to study. There was no nobility to out step their rank. It was completely empty, and she had to admit, she didn’t mind it so much. 


To be continued…