Xperia 0.5


Some of the guards didn’t take kindly to his confident words. Multiple charged at once toward him, swords in hands. Jaxon smiled, and with that smile Tessa’s body turned cold, the guards disintegrated into dust. 

Those that hadn’t made a hasty move had started to fidget on their feet. Tessa looked around at the people who had come to celebrate, but none made it worth surrendering to him. Except, her brother. He was dressed in his royal arms uniform, the emblem of a sun, and moon across the backs of the shoulder blades. He held his new wife close to him, protecting her from the sight of death. His face had paled, but he still looked to Tessa, and shook his head. It put a sad smile on her face. 

“Why are you doing this? We have done nothing to you!” Tessa’s mother screeched. She had decided it best to fall to her knees in a weeping heap. 

“Well, I could answer that in a justified revenge plot line… But…” he looked momentarily serious, but that could have been boredom. “That would be lying” his face twisted into the widest smile his face could conceive. Her father opened his mouth to speak, but Tessa got there first. 

“Fine, however, only on the promise that you leave my home, and my brother’s kingdom alone” She projected her voice. She had hoped to sound braver than she felt, even though her heart was clogging her throat. Jaxon’s eyes found hers. 

“We have a deal” he winked. 

There were verbal protests, but they all muted out as she was transported to a cabin next door to the most beautiful lake she had ever seen. Jaxon watched her for a moment, as her intrigue peaked long enough for her to forget what she had just agreed to. 

“You will be comfortable here” he said, bringing her back to reality. 

“What do you want of me?” she asked, her eyes marvelling at the setting sun’s reflection.

“You are to give me a child, it has to be of royal bloodline” he sounded a little amused. 

“You could have done that in the conventional way, considering I quite liked you for a moment” she replied still not daring to move. If she moved, she might have tried to run away. 

“No, that would have been too easy” he mused. “Now come, I have much to plan, you will stay here for the time during your pregnancy”. He took her hand, and led her into the hut. 

Nine months later, and things had become smooth, calm, and boring. Though her pregnancy had gone so smoothly she wondered if it was alive at all. She wasn’t particularly motherly, her hands did not stroke her belly, and she did not care for the kicks. She just stood in the frosting day, watching the ice crackle across the lake. The baby kicked, and fluid exploded from between her legs. An uncomfortable pulse ran through her. It was time. She wasn’t ready. Jaxon appeared beside her.