Xperia 0.4


The hall grew dark. The fresh coloured flowers withered. All went quiet like the world had died. Tessa stared wide eyed at her dance partner, his eyes had swirled into a green whirlpool, he gripped her hand. The silence was broken with a snap, and Tessa screamed as her right hand crumpled under his grip. Bones had pierced through the skin, her blood dripped in his hand. When he released her, she clutched her deformed limb to her chest, but didn’t dare take her eyes away from Jaxon. She cautiously stepped away from his, as he liked his hand clean on her. 

“Now, now princess, I rather enjoyed our dance I think we should do it again” Jaxon sneered at her. She glared back, she was never good at confrontation, now she wished she had been. There was good response for that, so she voted silence instead. Her mother screeched, and rushed to her. “Oh dear, the party pooper of the evening, is that concern for well-being I see?” Jaxon sniggered. 

“Guards!” Tessa’s father stepped out of the crowd. He pointed his finger towards the imposing Knight. A rush of royal guards pushed through the crowd of on lookers. 

“Typical, can’t fight your own battle, well that is not why I am here” Jaxon looked bored at the ring on royal guard that had circled him. His eyes returned to Tessa. “With your blood, I have two options” He held up to fingers. As if she couldn’t count, or just mock the fact that one hand was crushed. The throbbed, ached, and had started to lose feeling in her finger tips. “I can heal your hand, quite easily in fact, and you’d never know the injury was there, but you have to give me what I want”. That was ominous, why didn’t he say what it was? Tessa bit her lip. “Or I can injure you further, kill your family, take over your kingdom, and I would still get what I want”. His request left much to be desired… What choice did she have? “It up to you, if you do what I want willingly, or forced, either way is fun for me”. 

“If we kill you first?” Tessa’s mother hissed. Everyone in the hall watched as Jaxon bent over with a laugh that was over exaggerated at best. He stopped mocking her with hum. 

“You can’t”. 


To be continued…