Xperia 0.2


“Good evening” Tessa replied. The young man remained stood, but he adjusted his position to stand next to her. 

“Care for a dance?” He held his hand out to her. Was he one of her mothers suitors? Probably, he was young enough for it. 

“No, thank you” Tessa liked dancing, she enjoyed it enough to watch the other dancers with jealousy. It was the reason she sat at the back of the hall. 

“Do you dislike festivities?” he asked her. She caught a glimpse of her mother checking on her. Yes, he was one of the suitors, she must have pushed him in this direction. Tessa glared her defiance. 

“No, I’d just enjoy them better if you weren’t here because of my mother” She shot him right in the bullseye. He seemed to have developed a bit of a sweat on his brow, and a choke in his throat. He cleared it, and reached out for a glass of water. 

“I’m afraid you’re mistaken” He coughed out. Tessa rolled her eyes, then lifted herself from her seat. She left the hall through the main entrance. 


To be continued…