I’m calling this little bit of fun Xperia because I am typing it on my phone. It’s not going to be perfect, it’s literally on the sly writing fun while I’m travelling or waiting for something. 


Outside the air was clear, and crisp with fresh frost. Winter was blooming, and a thin layer of ice had started to breach the outer rim of the lake. The trees has abandoned their leaves to rest out the bitterness. 

Tessa had been stood beside this lake for many hours. She watched the morning drift by, as if she wasn’t really apart of it. Her mind wasn’t her own. It kept drifting away. It drifted away again as she recalled the events that brought her to the growing ice domain. 

Her grey irises held a slight purple hew in the mirror, as they reflected the colour of her dress. There was one thought that crossed her mind as she stared at herself. ‘I’m not ready for this’. She didn’t think she ever would be. 

It was time for her brothers wedding. A marriage set by contracts, and prearrangements. To a woman Tessa had met twice before in her life, and both times she had been anything but pleasant. Her parents had told her to make sure she gave the girl a loving impression. Or at least a sensible, and respectful one. It was harder said than done. More to the point why did Tessa have a leave a valued impression? 

Just as she had decided to stand, and leave her reflection behind, her mother knocked on the door. “It’s time, quickly now!”. She double checked over the maids work with Tessa’s corset, and long blonde curly hair. 

She was a stout woman, all her age showed in her expressions. Her hair, which was slapped back in a tight bun, had greyed early. She furrowed her brows at Tessa as if she had just done something unusual. “What?”. 

“I want you to pay attention, some of the invited are potential suitors” she started. With that Tessa’s mother rushed off down the hall from her room. Her heels clipped against the marble floor. Tessa chased her. 

“I thought we agreed to until after the wedding” she protested. 

“No, I promised after Loran was married” she pointed out. 

“You always do that, I thought this time would be different!” Tessa followed her mother into the main hall, she had not meant blurt out family private squabbles, but then again she took a moment after her mother had stopped to realise there were people there. 

Everyone was staring at them. Some of them were faces she recognised, and others were not. They were all dressed in their most expensive, and fashionably designed attire. The hall was decorated in all manner of flowers, ribbons, and kingdom banners. Tessa’s mother sat down beside her father, who clocked a brow at the outburst, and she said nothing more. That was it conversation over, her mother had won. By simple fact that she was to be at her best during the event. Tessa had unwittingly allowed her mother to escape the scolding altogether. 


To be continued…