Xperia 0.1


Tessa placed herself awkwardly beside her mother. For the remainder of the ceremony the two women hadn’t spoken. Even during the after party, and the newly wed couple had their first dance. Tessa made sure to give her mother a wide birth. 

In her sullied mood, she couldn’t help but notice the splendour of the great Hall. It was decorated in a similar design to the ballroom. She suspected the reason the locations had been set up this way in order to encourage adoration from the civilians outside. They left the huge doors open, guards were stationed on either side of every possible entrance, of course. Soft transparent cream coloured curtains dangled from the huge door frame instead, and they blew gently in the breeze. 

Her brother was due to be crowned once the wedding was over. It was another grand achievement under his belt given to him on a silver plater. Not that she minded, she didn’t want to be queen the title was limiting, and she wasn’t interested in something that would trap her with responsibility over others lives. She just wished it wasn’t a weapon her parents used against her. 

“Hello” a deep voice spoke from behind her seat. Tessa had decided to sit far in the back to avoid any of the potential suitors. She jumped, and spun so quick on her seat that the man behind her stepped back with a nervous smile. He was pretty, young, and tall. His insignia on his uniform gave him away as a Knight of the Southern province of Xperia. 


To be continued…