Non-Fiction – Love Island – First Couple.

My non-fiction bit of messing around fun. Jess, and Dom.


Love Island – Warped sense of Love.

She enters alone, unafraid, and confident. She is a woman that dominates her surroundings, and takes control. She is every mans fantasy, and she loves it. Her skin already tanned, hair dark brunette, tall, and curvy in the right places. Her choice of outfit wasn’t a bad gamble either as all eyes focused on her.
Jess was to be the first twist of the week inside this love making game. Five girls, and five boys had already coupled up set to ‘fight’ it out to win at the end of the seven weeks. Just to entertain the public, Jess was to be the girls first dramatic hurdle.
“In twenty-four hours” the presenter said, holding cards in her hand, which could only be the profiles of each person here. “Jess will get to couple up with any boy she chooses in the villa”.
The power in that moment was euphoric, as Jess witnessed each girls face drop, and all the boys snigger behind them. She loved it. The widest smile on her face, ‘alls fair in love, and war’.
When all introductions were done, the girls disappeared off to explore the villa, while the boys gathered around a small ash pit for smokers. With calculated nerve, Jess wondered over to join them, and tactfully play out the worry game.
“I’m going to be the bitch of the villa”. It was almost too easy. Every boy there jumped to her defence. One in particular caught her attention, though not for the reasons he would have probably have liked to believe.
“Nah, at the end of the day you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do it’s part of the game” Dom, a typical tall, dark, and handsome boy with one sleeve arm of tibal tattoos, and half a sleeve on the other arm. He was coupled up with Montana, the mixed race beauty who has just as much calculated sense as Jess. She should know they both dated the same guy, outside of the villa, at the same time. Jess was almost sure she was dating that guy before Montana was, now the ball was in Jess’s court. “But don’t pick me”.
Why not? Dom lounged in his chair, hands behind his head all smug. He was one of those guys that was gorgeous, and he knew it. However, Jess found it difficult to believe that he was as chivalrous as he was trying to appear. Was he just saying that so people would like him? To be fair Montana was dating Jess’s ex-boyfriend while she was still with him… So why shouldn’t she pick him? A little revenge could be a lot sweeter in the game. Especially just to watch the girl sweat about it.
The boys left Jess to join the other girls, and she left to explore the villa. For the first night she would be sleeping alone, but not before she got the scope on the couples.
First, every couple didn’t seem exactly right for each other. Sam, and Camilla seemed more like civil friends, Kem, and Chloe were definitely more friend than compatibly girlfriend, and boyfriend. Harley, and Amber seem oddly attracted physically, but personality seem lacking. Marcel, and Olivia were just nothing there. However, Montana, and Dom seem happy, but that may just be an act. Which should she start with?
She doesn’t really know many of the girls. Jess could understand why there would be tension with her presence, though now may be the time to get to know them. As night pulled over the villa, she decided it was time to have a girls night, even though the guys are there as well.
Things appeared to be normal, all relaxed except for one. Montana, she pulled Jess to the side, and asked to talk. She had wondered momentarily if Montana was aware that they had been dating the same guy at the same time. This conversation just confirmed it. Now, left Jess the big decision, does she get her revenge? Or does she play it safe with someone like Marcel, who seemed to take a little interest in her. Then again, somewhere inside she could guess what game Montana was playing. Make friends to keep the competition away out of loyalties… It was an interesting decision to say the least.
In the morning, the hour of the coupling was inching that ever bit closer, and Jess was still unclear on her choice. She’d had a couple of conversations with the boys, but now was the true time to get to know them. The one that intrigued her the most was Dom, that nice facade seemed too good to be true. Like he was trying to purposely be everyones’ friend. That is not what this game was about.
“How are you feeling this morning?” Sam asked her. What a great question, she lay in bed tangled in her covers. Her heart fluttered with excitement, but she dared not tell them that, so instead.
“Powerful, but nervous” which was half true.
As the day was kicking in, Jess joined Olivia, and Amber at the smoking area. From there it was easier to watch, and gossip about Montana, and Dom. He was lying on her lap while she applied sun cream to his arms. She couldn’t help, but notice the way she was clinging to him, as if marking her territory. The other girls agreed, joking with her that Montana might as well piss on him to save her time. That only enticed Jess to seek Dom’s attention more.
Later that morning, while Montana was with Amber on a few deck chairs in front of the pool, Jess made a focused charge at Dom. Using the pull up bar as an excuse to get him talking, and to show off her body, even if she couldn’t lift her weight.
“So who are you going to pick?” Dom asked her straight off the bat.
“I still don’t know yet” playing it cool, and keeping her cards close to her chest she didn’t want to give the game away. It was interesting to watch him make a weak attempt at palming her off to Marcel.
When the conversation was done, he joined Montana obviously trying to reassure the girl that Jess wouldn’t pick him. She could almost feel the dagger at her back.
The text had arrived.
Everyone gathered around the fire pit, and waited while Jess stood out like the outsider she was. Her hands raised to her forehead, face twisted in a grin that was either wry confidence, or nervous laughter. The sun glared down on the islanders, as she stalled for time.
“Twenty-four hours is not as long as you think it’s going to be”. Her first line to justifying her decision. “And all I can really do, is go off what I would have done if I was you girls yesterday”. There was a pause, either because she had nothing else left to say on the decision, or just to tease the other girls. “So the boy I want to couple up with is…” Another pause while she fiddles with the strap of her bikini bra. All the girls faces twisted into nerves. “It would have to be Dom on first impressions”. Montana’s face was one of total bewilderment, and passive-aggressive fury, coupled with ‘I fucking knew it’.
Jess bit her lip, unable to contain the pure joy of finally making her decision, and maybe just a little somewhere, pleasure in watching Montana’s face shift. Dom looked utterly awkward, but not disappointed. While everyone had that slapped expression ‘ouch’.
Dom stood up from his place, and walked to his new coupled partner. Jess giggled turning to Montana.
“Sorry Babes” She said, “It’s so hard”.

The coupling of Jess, and Dom.