Non-Fiction Piece – Love Island – Warped Sense of Love.

Er, thought I’d try this out. A little embarrassed to admit that within the last few weeks I have been watching Love Island… and as much as it is a load of crap, and most of the people might be shallow two faced b******, I have enjoyed it… and since I am doing creative writing for a course I thought I’d practice something. I’m going to write a non-fiction on Love Island. I realise that everyone has watched the episodes so they know what happened. Plus, this piece I have tried out isn’t the best because it’s just the introductions for now. I haven’t got round to splitting the really interesting stories from it yet. I wanted to practice writing non-fiction, and this is the best way since I don’t know these people so if they were to ever read it (though I doubt it), if they get offended I really don’t care. So this bit is literally the coupling up at the beginning of the series, it isn’t incredible, though I will say it took me forever, because the girls just chat s*** over the top of each other constantly. And the amount of times I heard “Oh my god”… someone please there are more words in the dictionary maybe someone should give them one. So… please be nice ^^; Here goes ——-




The sun was blazing down from the sky, it blistered down on the skin. It was absolutely beautiful. Paradise to accomodate the game to be played. The car roared over the dry dirt road, it left a dust mist trail behind it. A beautiful woman, skin of dark tan, large lips, square face, and dark brown eyes. Her body was model skinny, and she was on the higher end of average height for a woman. Her dark brunette hair swept back away from her face as she stood up in the middle of the roofless vehicle.
“Oh my god!” the tall pale blonde exclaimed, as the car came to a halt, and she climbed out in front of the biggest cream stone, and glass villa she had ever seen. This was her chance, and looking at it seemed like a dream. A wide smile spread across her face, and she joined the stranger on the dirt path, decorated with lemon trees, and grazing chickens. This woman was supposed to become multiple things in this one single moment, a friend, villa mate, fellow gamer, and competition. If she could stand up to the plate.
“Hiiii” the brunette called out, her arms never touched her body as she walked, shoulders a little hunched forward as if she was concerned that her open front black monokini would expose more than intended.
“Oh my god hiiiii” the blonde’s lips were huge, her cheekbones high, and big sparkling blue eyes. Her boobs were huge to match the rest of her fakeness. The two girls embraced, sunglasses resting on top of their heads. “I’m Chloe”.
“I’m Montana, nice to meet you” the girls cooed, and spoke over each other as the excitement of what could be classed as a six week bitch holiday was about to begin. “Oh my god it’s amazing” Montana admired the huge villa, while chloe with her mouth open in gasping surprise.
“Oh my god” – Chloe breathed.
“I’m so excited” – Montana carried on.
“Oh I know” – Chloe barely waited for her to finish what Montana was saying.
They made their way hand in hand, through the wooden door, guarded by large clear glass windows.
“Yeeaah” Montana released her amazement as white walls with colourful, cursive words greeted them. Chloe was bouncing to see more.
Heading through the villa, and out towards the back where everything a very expensive holiday could offer. Beautiful, clean, wooden decking that lead on to a round lounge area with a fire pit in the middle, an outside kitchen with an overhead guard, outdoor beds clearly prepared for anything frisque outside, and a smoking area similar to the lounge, but square, and extra deck chairs for more people.
A stone paving splits the fresh green grassy areas, down towards the pool which could be used for competition training. Bean bags littered the grass areas for a little more comfort, for those that don’t wish their delicate skin to touch ground. And a workout space in the corner, in clear view of the lounge, for anyone to sit and watch the show of sweat dripping from flesh.
The two girls gawked at the perfect holiday heaven before them.
“Oh … my god” – Montana whispered.
“How amazin'” – Chloe added on top.
“It’s absolutely huge” Montana.
They rounded the corner to face the outdoor kitchen. They both paused with surprise, disbelief, and little bit of ‘Yes this is great!’.
“Oh my GOD!” Chloe gasped.
“This is our home” – Montana.
“We’re going to be livin’ he-…” – Chloe.
“There’s a bloody infinity pool” – Montana interrupts.
“Oh my god!” Chloe notices it too.

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“Love this! It’s amazin'” Chloe repeated as they headed down towards the grass.
“This is gonna be the best holiday in the world” – Montana tries to at least add something new to the conversation. Only to be spoken over by Chloe.
“Oh my God, unreal” – Chloe. Too amazed to find more words in her vocabulary Chloe keeps admiring her new sun washed heaven. “Absolutely unreal”.
“Oh my god” Montana spots champagne left for the staring guests purposefully. Reflecting how the rest of their next six to seven weeks is going to play out.
“What!? There’s champagne! Yes!” Chloe shouts out. “How do we do it!?”.
“I don’t know?” Montana replies, looking, for the first time unsure of herself. “Do you want to pop it?”.
“I don’t know how to” Chloe admits, the high pitched squeal in her voice temporarily dulled out but her real voice. She concentrates on screwing her hand over the cork, and bottle neck. “Ready?” They both giggle.
“Right you need to undo the little strap first” Montana vaguely reaches for the bottle, but then relinquishes as Chloe keeps a firm grip on the bottle.
“C’mon girl” Chloe passes the bottle to Montana with her small encouragement.
“So,…-” –
“Oh my god”.
“-…You’re trying to find your man” It was more like a statement rather than a question as Montana removes the extra cable around the cork of the bottle, and twist her hand over the top.
“Come to find the love of my life ain’ I” Chloe declares.

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“Cheers” They both clink their glasses together.
“Cheers to Love Island” Montana drinks to her new sun glaring experience that may spice up something missing from her life.
“To the summer of our lives” Chloe held her glass out, her sunglasses glinting under the huge fire ball in the sky.
“Yeeaah” Montana agreed, and Chloe gave a small squeal of delight. The excitement too hard to contain.
“And finding out love” Chloe helds out her glass as if ready to clink, but Montana was already humming through her own champagne. “Oh imagine”.
“I can’t wait to meet the boys” Montana swallowed.
“What’s your type?” Chloe asks, still yet to take a drink. She would much prefer to converse than miss a word.
“Tall, blonde” Montana tried to fight the smirk that only left her face long enough to drink her champagne.
“Like a German, Dutch look alike”.
“It’s really weird”.
“I’m the opposite to you then”.
“You like tall, dark, and handsome?”.
“Tall, dark, and handsome, love, get them in there”.


A white vehicle designed for rough roads came breaking up the dirt path, another woman with skin already lightly tanned, dark brunette locks almost reaching her bum. A green monokini, that made her skin look that little shade darker. She stood up pushing her hair back with her hand while cheering her delight at finally arriving.
“Oh my gosh! It’s amazing” her voice kept light.
She climbed out of the car, all the while repeating “Oh my gosh” to herself. She enetered the villa, and headed straight for the back where the other two girls are waiting.


“Are you looking for, like, the Budgy smugglers, or for like the normal breed?” Montana asks.
“Like, I don’t really care-” Chloe replies, which set Montana giggling through her champagne. “As long as they’ve got something good in there”.
“OH MY GOD!” the new girl squeals at the highest pitch that could possibly have been reached. Her arms locked straight at her sides with her wrists bent out like she could barely contain herself.
“Oh my god” Chloe mutters.
“OH MY GOD!” Montana shouts back.
“I’m literally so excited it’s killing me” The new girl rushed down the steps, keeping her arms out for balance, as Montana came to meet her for a friendly embrace.
“Nice to meet you” Montana hugged her.
“What’s your name?” The new girl asks as they pulled apart.
“I’m Montana”.
“OK, Amber”. Each girl holds a grin that could kill.

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The girls begin an exploration of their surroundings, only as far as the colourful pink, and orange bean bags. Chloe is the first to sweep herself off her own feet. Almost falling into the soft material. She lands with a “Whoo!”. Setting the other two into laughter.
“Lovin’ life” Chloe giggles.
“I’m literally dyin’ from that” Amber smirks.
“Oh my god” Montana joins Chloe on the bean bags, all girls enjoying champagne more like a decoration to their outfits in their hands, rather than a beverage.
“Oh my GOSH” Amber interrupted, wondering to the end of the infinity pool, “Look at the hottub”. The girls relinquish their soft seats on the grass, and join her, though their struggle getting through grass in heels makes them look as though they’ll break an ankle any second. “I don’t want to know what’s going to go on in there”.
“I don’t neither” Chloe replied.
“To be honest by like the second week, someone’s definitely gonna have banged in there, it’s gonna be sperm infested, so it’s gonna be a no” Montana offers her fortune telling love prediction on possible couple hottub secrets.
“It’s got, like, chlorine, and stuff, so it”ll be alright if it’s sperm infested it’ll just go away” Chloe shrugs off the half-prediction, half-warning. Her quip makes the girls laugh again.


A red dirt car comes breaking up the dirt road. It carried a young woman, lightly tanned, with blonde, light brown hair, and a pink bikini on. When she steps out of the car, and the villa is closer within reach her excitement starts bubbling out. “Oh my god” she whispered to herself.

The new addition peeks around the villa to see who is already at the villa, and on sight of her the girls, Montana, Chloe, and Amber all scream.
“Oh my god, another one” Chloe speaks through the screams. The new addition holds her hands to her heart with relief.
“Oh my god it’s such a relief to see people” she smiles as she joins the gradually growing group.
“Hi, how’re you?” they all chime together. Chloe is the first to greet with a hug.
“Hello” the girl is relatively quieter than the rest.
“Hi, I’m Chloe, nice to meet you darlin'”.
“I’m Camilla”.
“Camilla, you need to get some champagne” all the girls return back to the table that cradles the girls liquid accessory.

“Are you all looking for a relationship?” Amber asks.
“I think I am” – Camilla.
“Love Island, yeah” – Chloe.
“I think so, I don’t know, I want someone that plays hard to get” – Montana, “Because I get bored, I get bored very easily”.
“That’s nice though, you always want what you can’t have, and that’s the issue in here” Amber delivers her philosophical genius to the world.
“Yeah” they all agree.
“That’s when the conflict will start-” she doesn’t stop to allow other to join in.
“Yeah” – Camilla adds an agreement in the middle of sentences just so she is part of the conversation without being forced to say much more.
“Because you always want what you can’t have” Amber repeats.
“I know” Montana replies, a nervous grin on her face reflects her doubts.

A white rough road car pulls up in front of the villa, it’s passenger, tanned, long legged, and blonde comes clambering out in her pink bikini. No words escape her mouth as she claims her own space on the game holiday.
“Oh my god” Chloe jumps to the punch.
“Hi girls” her voice a little on the croaky side.
“Hellooooo” Amber calls back.
“Oh my god!” the new girl cries out. This last girl is Olivia.

The girls now all gathered together around the champagne table having a little girl chat. Smiles have not left their faces once.
“Right girlies” Amber feeling proud to be part of a group.
“Do you know what, we’re going to get our beer goggles on” Chloe set the girls laughing again. “So in the morning, when you wake up next to boy you’ll be like-…” A cork pop interrupts the girls, sending them screaming. Chloe covers her hair, and braces. All the girls start laughing as the giddiness of the villa sets in.


In arrives the one with all the power. All the girls scream, or cheer, excited to let the games begin. Even though her arrival is the sign that rules will be set, and twisted into her own favour. They are all smiles for now, with one most important rule of the villa “To survive you have to be in a couple”. Let the games begin…

“Are you ready for love?”

The girls are lined up, like bidders waiting for their prizes, they are set to pick who they are betting will be the man of their dreams for the once in a lifetime holiday. A gamble that may twist their hearts, bitter their smiles, and swirl their emotions. The presentor of this dramatic competition presents the first boy.

A man, skin as dark as chocolate, tall, and a smile that would make most blush comes strolling onto the game stage. “What’s goin’ on?” it’s not really a question. More like a – look, I’m gorgeous, pick me – kind of statement. Sunglasses resting on his head glint off the sun, and his bare chest it open for all the girls to feel impressed. But… are they?
“Oh wow” Amber mutters.
There is a bit of an exchange, he throws out a few compliments to the ladies in order to take one of their fancy. The presenter introduces this confident man as Marcel. The girls seem to like what they see, their faces lit with casual smiles. To make his job of picking one of the girls that he thinks will boost his chances of surviving the villa, the presenter turns to the girls, and tell them.
“If you fancy Marcel, please step forward”. The grass is stamped with golden hearts just in front of the girls feet. Each golden plate waits for a heel to click onto it’s smooth surface.
A moment of anticipation, dramatic effect? That exciting moment turns rather quickly into awkward silence. Not one girl steps forward. Leaving Marcel just a little rejected… and somewhat ego crushed… His jaw drops when he realises the moment has ended, and no one picked him.
“Oh wow” he turns to the presenter, looking for some sign of what to do. The girls shuffle on their feet with embarrassment. Marcel can’t believe, that in all his confidence, none of them picked him. To help him feel just a little better, the presenter tries desperately to shrug off the rejection, and allowing him full pick of any of the girls.
But first, she turns to the girls. “Olivia why not?”.
“Don’t know, I’m just feeling shy, I’m waiting”. A model that’s shy seems a little too unreal, as her words fall just a little short of shallow.
“I don’t know… I think you’re very, very, very confident, and I was like, a little intimidated when you came in”. Amber likes to wear the pants. Anything that seems too in control, and knows what he wants, threatens her own power.
The choice is still his, whether the girls like it or not.
“Green” he points towards Amber, who gives him her nervous “Oh shit” smile, while hunching her shoulders up in bitter worry. They kiss side to side, greet each other, and the couple stand in watch as the rest of the male buffet enters.


The next hunk on the girls menu was Sam, his arms carved with tattoos, a white shirt, and short brown hair. He entered in a white open shirt, and navy blue shorts.
“Hello Saam” Amber shielded her eyes from the sun, as all the girls let their eyes mentally picture themselves with this boy.
“Hola Bonita” he replied, a cheeky grin on his face. He shows off the little knowledge of a second language he has, before admitting that, that is all he really knows. All the girls seem impressed by this. He seemed to prefer humour as a flirt tactic rather than confidence, though he didn’t really lack that either. He had the chance to pick any of the girls, even if that girl is already coupled. Though he would have to consider the rivallry that may come from that decision.
“Girls, if you fancy Sam, step forward”. There is a moments pause.
“Oh, I’m gonna” Chloe awkwardly steps forward, followed a split second by Camilla. When asked why, Chloe responded.
“He’s got a good bit of banter, a bit of chat, that’s what I like”.
“He looked really nice when he came out, and when he made a joke, that seemed really nice” the very innocent reason why Camilla thought she should step forward. Sam cracks another joke about his Spanish lesson, before deciding on Camilla over Chloe. Let the next man step forward.


The man with the biggest muscles so far stepped out from behind the vines. Harley. Every girl clapped at the sight of him, cheeky smiles spreading across their faces as they admired the muscular creature walking towards them. Amber even gifted him with her high pitched “Whooo”. He was paler than the first two, blonde, and sporting a white shirt, with green leaves.
“Hello girls, how’re you?” He seemed smooth, though he seemed to let his body speak more than his words. He does have confidence, though not as much as Marcel, though he doesn’t seem to have the same cracking joke humour like Sam. He is the first guy to be nervous.
“Girls, if you fancy Harley, step forward”.
Amber, awed by his muscles enough, and less intimidated by his shyness steps onto her golden heart. “I do fancy him”. To everyones’ surprise, as she was already coupled up with Marcel. His rejection couldn’t be anymore beating. Though Harley passed through his nervousness, found his lacking confidence, to steal Amber away from Marcel.
Marcel was place on the side bench, like a football player who pissed off his couch.


Rolling on to testosterone figure number four is Kem. An already tanned, slapped back brown hair that brushed the top of his neck, long narrow jaw, and colourful shorts. He is also the shortest male to pass through those doors so far.
“Oh my god I know him” Chloe leans over to Amber.
“Really!?” Amber exclaimed.
He carries himself with a vain confidence that knows he’s good looking. If he loves him, everyone must love him kind of attitude. He gazes at the girls, letting them admire not so much his voice, but his pretty face.
“If you fancy Kem, please step forward”. Another moment of pause, before Chloe staggers on one heel, almost losing her balance.
“I mean, I shouldn’t, I can’t”.
“WHY!?” the presenter exclaimed.
“I dated his best mate” Once again Chloe has the girls in small fits of giggles. It was a line that most friends, in most films fought not to cross in those kind of novel drama romances. However, this didn’t seem to put Kem off, and he still coupled up with Chloe regardless of past affairs.
Two girls had yet to step forward for anyone, now was the time for the pressure decision, as only one boy was left to come out, and one boy, Marcel, was left on the side bench waiting for the last girl to not couple up.

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The most dominant of the man group entered the girls sights. He was lean, tall, tanned, tattoos one full sleeve, the other only half, light brown hair, and sharp fangs. All the girls cheered his entrance, and oggled him, and his smooth muscles. He didn’t say much, again letting the girls decide based on his appearance rather than his voice, though he was very relaxed about his situation. He didn’t seem excited, nor nervous.
“If you fancy Dom, step forward”. Another moment of pause, before Montana, for the first time, stepped forward. He went completely against her paper type which she had spoken about previously. If anything… Harley was her type more than any of the options that had made an entrance. Sometimes what you think you want isn’t always right… But her opposite decision landed Montana with Dom.
Olivia, who had yet to step forward for anyone, was left with Marcel.

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There they are, the five couples set to compete as the best couples at the end of seven weeks. Hold on… The presenter wasn’t going to let this game go without a challenge.
“Everyone, meet Jess”.
“Hiya” A tall, brunette, brown eyes, and big boobed woman with curves in all the right places for a man came bouncing out with the cheekiest grin on her face. She knew, she had the power in this moment. As she stared at all the couples, and they stared at her.
“WOW! now that’s an outfit”. The presenter compplimented.
“Thank you” Jess replied, her smug confidence boosted. She already knew it was good, but the compliment just meant it worked in her favour, as the guys whistled, and gawked at her beautiful form. A black costume that wedged up between her bum cheeks, and dipped low, with a gold chain that circled her neck, dangled down between her breasts and circled around her waist.
Every girl, Montana, Olivia, Chloe, Camilla, and Amber all stared at this girl, the feeling of “oh god” striking their hearts when they worked out the maths. Six girls, five boys… a girl was going to be made single.
The presenter revealed that Jess, the snake in the basket, was to pick any of the boys she wanted within twenty-four hours to couple up with, leaving the girl already coupled single, and at risk of leaving the villa.


“To stay in Love Island, you have to be in a Couple”.