King Arthur – Legend of the Sword

Film Review

I didn’t really want to write reviews for things anymore because I wasn’t sure if I was professional enough to write one. However, I felt this film needed, and deserves being written about. 

I literally watched this film four hours ago, and I can honestly say this film is one of the best films I have seen recently. I have watched guardians of the galaxy 2, beauty and the beast, Logan, and King Arthur this year. Between these four films only two out of the four I thoroughly enjoyed, and by the end wanted to watch for a second time. Those two films were Logan, and King Arthur Legend of the Sword. 

King Arthur Legend of the Sword was a beautiful evenly balanced visual, and audio piece of art. It never lost my interest, the script was witty, funny, and very well written, I loved every soundtrack that played so much I went straight onto amazon and bought the soundtrack, the acting was splendid, and the effects was exactly what magic should be like! 

In most king arthur stories, the sword is a “magic” sword that only one boy/man can pull out of the stone… Then does nothing… Has no significance to the rest of the story. Whereas in this film the sword was a magic tool which had in essence a will of its own. That added more to the story which I thought was so refreshing! Gave excallibur a whole new interesting level to it. 

The magic in this film was spot on, if someone has power like these stories express in their pages they should put the fear of God into people when watching it on the screen. Most films feel flimsy, but king Arthur’s effects packed a bigger punch which was satisfying to watch. 

The fight scenes were beautiful, the characters made me smile, and laugh, I thought this was a great film. 

They also built on Arthur’s character, he worked to be what he was, in his back story showed how hard he tried for it. In most films these days they just seem to automatically know how to fight and it loses its character building. This film didn’t leave any of those details out. 

I really don’t have the words, technicality, or reviewing smarts to say anymore except I enjoyed every minute of this film. Please go and watch it!